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Ranked: The BookTokers making big money on TikTok right now

I think it’s time I re-evaluate my career plans

With millions of videos and thousands of creators, book lovers have taken TikTok by storm and created their own community of bookworms on the platform and thus BookTok was born.

Thanks to BookTook, book sales have reached a near 20-year peak and is fuelling a “Reading Renaissance”. BookTok is full of book recommendations, virtual book clubs and the latest gossip on which author is publishing next, which has seen a rise in BookTok influencers.

But who on BookTok has been taking the app by storm? The experts at Aura Print have calculated the estimated earnings of the top 10 most popular BookTokers.

Here’s a look at the TikTokers who could be some of the highest earners in the BookTok community.

10. Munny Reads

Estimated earnings per video: £447.89

9. Jenna Just Reads

Estimated earnings per video: £461.57

8. Amy Jordan

Estimated earnings per video: £516.68

You’ll never find a BookTok page more aesthetically pleasing than Amy’s.

7. Abby’s Reading

Estimated earnings per video: £600.08

6. Lizzie

Estimated earnings per video: £600.75

5. Pauline

Estimated earnings per video: £696.79

With an impressive 437,700 followers on TikTok, Booktoker Pauline (@thebooksiveloved) could be earning up to £696.79 per TikTok video.

4. Calvin Blind

Estimated earnings per video: £742.40

In fourth place is Calvin, who could potentially be amassing £742.40 per video. Calvin’s content has received the second highest number of likes (41.2 million) of all BookTokers analysed, proving the popularity of his videos.

3. Jack Edwards

Estimated earnings per video: £745.73

A staple of BookTok since the beginning, securing the third spot is Jack Edwards. Jack rose to fame through his YouTube channel and was one of the first StudyTubers that took over the website in the late 2010s.

Now on TikTok, Jack could potentially earn a significant £745.73 per video. The self-proclaimed “Internet’s resident librarian” has accumulayed 588,300 followers and 28.9 million likes to date.

2. Jaysen Headley

Estimated earnings per video: £852.06

Jaysen Headley comes second with his account, @ezeekat, accumulating a huge 674,300 followers and 33.5 million likes. An avid reader and anime enthusiast, Jaysen regularly recommends books and mangas to his followers, which could see him earning approximately £852.06 per video.

1. Ayman Chaudhary

Estimated earnings per video: £1,198.36

Aura Print’s study revealed that @aymansbooks is at the top of TikTok’s highest earners on BookTok, raking in an estimated £1,198.36 per video.

Behind the book loving account is 21-year-old Ayman Chaudhary, with an impressive 947,000 followers

Via her Shut up and Read This Book series, Ayman caused a complete sell out of V.E. Schwab’s The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, making it a New York Times Best Seller.

All following counts and data was correct at the time of publishing.

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