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Plan your go-to outfit and we’ll tell you which vibey university you really belong at

Jorts belong at Exeter and Exeter only

University fashion is varied. Look around in a lecture and you’ll see someone who could be sat next to Lord Sugar on Dragon’s Den, and someone else who looks like they woke up in a skip. There really is no common ground and literally anything goes. Whether you’re dressed for court or serving skip chic, there’s a uni just right for you. Fashion at uni has no rules and you can really notice the unique vibes that differ between each city. So what better way to work out your perfect match than completing this university outfit quiz – we’ll simply do the rest and work out which uni you truly belong at. Trends move on so fast that if you’re not paying attention, you’re old news. And then there’s the rest of us who just don’t really care and keep the SU shop afloat through hoodie sales alone. No judgement either way.

There’s something across every campus to be envious of: The jewellery at Exeter, the Tom’s Trunks of Bournemouth, the North Face puffer jackets of Newcastle. Even crocs have stolen the hearts of students in a twist we never saw coming. Each are distinguishable enough to claim a recognisable look of their own. So don’t worry if you made the wrong decision – there’s still time to change your mind.

Take this outfit quiz and we’ll work out which university you belong at:

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