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MAFS UK cast 2023

Here they come! Meet the hopeful brides and grooms of MAFS UK 2023

I do – fancy a bit of Brad

They’re here! The brides and grooms of the MAFS UK cast 2023 have finally been announced. From tennis coaches to DJs, the grooms of season eight look promising and seem to be genuinely looking for love. And the brides look equally as hopeful, with a few big characters bound to cause chaos and stir the pot among the group.

There’s a huge range of personalities and I’m excited to see who gets paired up by the experts. The newest season of MAFS UK looks like it’s set up to be nothing short of explosive as the to-be newly weds merge and are forced to get along.

Here are the bride and grooms of the MAFS UK cast 2023:


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

The first bride of the MAFS UK cast 2023, 29-year-old Ella is described as a blonde bombshell, with a caring nature and close relationships with her family and friends. A clinic consultant from Weston-Super-Mare, Ella has a big heart and a big sense of humour and can’t wait to settle down with the right person one day.

“This experiment is so much more than just me getting married. I see this as a big deal for someone who has transitioned.”

Ella lives with her nan, describing them as the dynamic duo everyone needs in their life, and says there’s no one else in the world she’s closer to. Is there anything more wholesome than that? If any of the grooms break her heart I will personally screw.


Via E4

A 31-year-old sales manager from Lancashire, Jay is notoriously known for being the funny one without trying. She’s positive and happy-go-lucky and this energy shines when she’s around groups of people. She’s only been single for a few months, so is coming to the experiment looking for the right person to settle down with. For jay, that’s ideally someone a little bit cheeky and who can make her laugh. What more could you want?

Not a lot phases Jay, and she’s not afraid to take the mick out of herself.

Not a lot phases Jay, and she’s not afraid to take the mick out of herself.

From Hampshire and known as a lover of the finer things in life, Laura spends most of her weekends out in Chelsea. She’s successful, classing herself as a bit of a “boss bitch” and is a lover of designer handbags, admitting she owns a fair few. After her partner unexpectedly ended her pervious marriage, 34-year-old Laura knows what she does and doesn’t want in a marriage and isn’t ready to give up on love.

Working as a financial manager, Laura’s ready to commit entirely to the experiment and hopefully leave with the love of her life.

“I have my fingers firmly crossed for a positive outcome – I don’t want another divorce.” Second time’s a charm, Laura!


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

Standing at a leggy 5’10”, Peggy is a head turner and is more than ready to find her knight in shining armour. The 32-year-old technology risk partner has picked up the nickname “Picky Peggy” due to her dating preferences, as well as  “Peggy in the middle,” as she is always the centre of drama.

From Kent, Peggy lives the glam life but is hoping to find the happy ever after to her fairytale. She wont stop until she gets what she wants – a husband.

“I want that lover and someone who can also be my best friend.”


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

At 36, executive assistant Porscha is a force to be reckoned with. Living in London, she’s old school when it comes to love and upholds traditional values. As a loving single mum, she holds her Christian faith in high regard and has a big heart. And after exhausting all her other options, Porscha’s come to the experiment to find her alpha male.

“I’m trying not to think too much about the fact that I’m marrying a total stranger because I’ll probably psych myself out”. I reckon she’s the firecracker to keep an eye on out of the MAFS UK cast 2023.


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

Rosaline is a florist from Crewe who’s taken the plunge, joining the experiment after her ex-boyfriend ended their relationship six months ago and left her heartbroken. She’s a quirky ball of energy and grew up on a working farm surrounded by animals. Deep down, she just wants to meet her dream man, get married and live happily every after. Don’t we all, Rosaline.

“I’m excited, but I’m also feeling quite nervous. It doesn’t feel real!”


Via E4

From Nottingham, performing arts teacher, Shona, is unruffled by outside judgement and is not afraid to speak her mind. Describing herself as a true free spirit, the 31-year-old recently discovered spirituality and yoga. She’s got everything going for her, including her own home, a great job and a wonderful family. She’s definitely got her priorities straight – the only thing missing for her now is a husband.

After numerous failed relationships, Shona is eager for the experiment to help her break the cycle of whirlwind flings and to find Mr Right.

“My happily ever after would be for him and I to go through the experiment and really try and grow together.”


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

Describing herself as a “typical Leeds girl”, Tasha is the life and soul of the party and has a sassy side.  But underneath all that, she’s caring and has a lot of love to give. Working as a childcare assistant, Tasha dreams of having a family of her own and is looking for a man who wants children as much as she does. With both charm and fire, she’s arguably the most promising bride of the MAFS UK cast 2023.

The 25-year-old has previously dated men who wanted to be with her for her looks and not who she is inside, so she’s coming to the experiment looking for someone who can look deeper than surface level and recognise her for who she truly is. My money’s on her to win.

“I have faith in the experts that I could find the love of my life – the Ant to my Dec!”


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

A tennis coach from London, Arthur was born in Poland and moved the the UK with his mother and stepfather at 16. He then had the task of bringing up his one-year-old brother while his parents worked, while not knowing a single word of English. Arthur now travels across the world to coach the most successful tennis players.

While he likes to grab attention, Arthur is ready to commit to a loving relationship and wants the fairytale ending he dreamed for himself since being a young boy.

“I’m ready to find the love of my life.”


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

Comfortable and secure in who he is, Brad is a successful model with a bad boy edge. He’s said to not care about what others think of him as long as he’s being his authentic self. From Grimsby, the 27-year-old has recently felt overwhelmed with the party lifestyle and has since turned to spirituality.

Brad wears his heart on his sleeve and quickly falls into relationships. He’s also a firm believer that people only fall in love three times in life, and so is hoping that the experiment will be his third time lucky. He just might be my favourite groom of the MAFS UK cast 2023.

“I trust the experts with all my heart that they have matched me well.”


Via E4

Growing up in Romsey and spending most of his childhood in private and boarding schools, Georges describes himself as weird and wonderful. Now living in Surrey and working as a sports rehabilitator, he’s outspoken and not afraid to rock the boat.

The 30-year-old aspires to retain the same high standards and life of luxury he’s been accustomed to, but with a like minded partner by his side.

“I said to the experts that I will give 120 per cent. I trust them and I’m going to trust the process.”


Via E4

30-year-old Luke from Clacton is another hopeful MAFS groom looking for his ideal match. Luke is known around his local area as “the funny one” and can be relied on to crack people up any time of day. He’s a social butterfly who is frequently hitting his goals – all of them except marriage, so far.

Working as a sales executive, Luke’s had a fair amount of rejection over the years and has struggled to meet a girl who’s willing to give him her all. Sick of dating apps, he describes his dating life as “a mess” and is finally turning to the experts for help. If only we all had experts on hand to assist.

Luke’s looking for a down to earth woman after the same goals as him, as having a happy family is all he’s ever wanted. “I’m really open so I know I can make things work and build, I’m just hoping she has the same attitude.”


Via E4

More of a closed book, 36-year-old Nathanial is an events marketing manager from Manchester. He exudes charisma and charm and thanks to his job, lives a lavish lifestyle and is always on the move. He’s open minded and on the look out for love. Nathanial’s focus is on finding his perfect connection.

“I don’t trust anyone but myself, but I hope they’ve done a good job that’s all I can say!”


mafs uk cast 2023

Via E4

Leading an extremely active lifestyle, 26-year-old Paul is described as a true socialite with a zest for life and adventure. An account manager from Chesham, he’s never one to sit still and is a keen boxer, footballer and loves the gym.

Paul’s coming into the experiment looking to meet someone with a similar outlook on life. Having made many attempts to have proper relationships, he’s looking for something lasting. Multiple failed conventional dating methods have left him searching for something solid and he’s determined to tackle the experiment head on in an effort to find his soulmate once and for all.

“I hope the experts literally hand delivered my best friend and life partner.”


Via E4

40-year-old Terence is thought of as the life and soul of the party with a heart of gold. From Reading, his friends and family describe his personality to be optimistic and vibrant. He’s a father of three and during his last two years of being single, he’s led a bachelor lifestyle.

However, hitting the big 40 saw the DJ and youth worker reach a turning point in life, where he feels he’s finally ready to find the one.

“I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited. The only bit I’m worried about is whether she’ll like me”. Adorable.


Via E4

Traditional gent Thomas is an animal lover looking to find a soulmate who’ll accept not just him, but all of his feline friends too. Now living in Wiltshire, the 27-year-old spent his teenage years living in Indonesia with his family, sparking his passion for travel and adventure.

Working in investment communications, Thomas is a gentleman whose love language is gift-giving. Finding a lady he can spoil and look after is at the top on his list of priorities. He’s ready to flourish in a marriage and can’t wait to watch his bride walk down the aisle. Does that not sound like every woman’s dream?

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