All the sober Freshers’ events that are on this year at Glasgow Uni

Who says you need alcohol to have a good time?

Whether you don’t drink or you’re just not 18 yet, it’s a bummer missing out on freshers’ events. With “damp drinking” being trendy and more and more people choosing to socialise without alcohol, we wanted to highlight the UofG events that are less about getting wankered and chundering (which is still valid x) and more about getting to know people in more casual ways.

So here are the cool things going on at Glasgow University for Freshers’ Week which don’t involve alcohol!

Vintage Clothing Sale

Held on the 11th September between 9am-5pm in the main building in the kelvin gallery, the vintage sale is a perfect day time activity to do with new flatmates, new course mates or even alone. If you sign up to the mailing list, posted on the SRC website you can get 10 per cent off!

Houseplant Sale

Located outside the main building inside the memorial gates.

The house plant sale is another perfect way to socialise and grab a plant to spruce up your bedroom. Running from the 11th to the 14th between 10am and 7pm, it would be rude not to drop in at least once. This year there will be over 150 different plant types so definitely something for everyone.

Conversation Café

Located in the “WeeG’”, the Gilchrist postgraduate seminar room, Conversation Café is a chilled out meet up for students, you can have a drink and chat with new people. It is ran by student volunteers and is described as a casual meet up. There are two Conversation Cafés during Freshers’ Week, on the 11th September between 2.30-3.30pm and another on the 15th between 11am-12pm.

A lovely, relaxed way of socialising and even getting some advice.

Welcome Ceilidh

The Welcome Ceilidh held in Bute Hall is a great, traditional Scottish way to start your Freshers’ Week. The ceilidh is great for anyone moving to Scotland, as you’ll be introduced to a bit of Scottish culture and have a laugh doing so. There will be a live band and helpers available if you need any help with the dancing.

Although throwing yourself into a ceilidh may seem daunting if you’ve never done it before or don’t think you are very good at ceilidh dancing, ceilidhs have a fun, relaxed and very sociable atmosphere, perfect for Freshers’ Week. As the ceilidh is somewhat of a party and held at night, this event is also great for any of you under 18 and longing for that night-out experience. The ceilidh will be on the 11th September from 6pm until 9pm.

As this is a ticketed event, keep an eye on the SRC app to get your tickets.


Held in the Kelvin Gallery from 2pm until 3pm on the 12th September, speed-mating is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Speed-mating turns making friends into a game and will push you to make friends quickly. This type of event removes the awkwardness out of trying to talk to new people, as everyone there has to go round- making new friends and having conversations with lots of different people in a short period of time.

Jazz Night

Held at the Gilchrist postgraduate club, the jazz night is on from 7pm until 9pm so is also great if you’re looking for events which have a night-out feel but can be done completely sober. The jazz society is running this event, so if you are a jazz enthusiast- this also provides you with a cool society to join.

This is a great event to go to with friends, to make friends, and enjoy some fab music.

Pizza Mixers

The various pizza mixers held throughout the week aim to bring similar students together to create a network and build support. All throughout Freshers’ Week, pizza mixers targeted at different groups will be held so you can socialise and have a bite to eat. These include:

  • Disabled Students, 11th September 5-6pm, Gilchrist Postgraduate Club
  • Care experienced and estranged students, 12th September 2-4pm, McIntyre Building Room 201
  • Home students, 13th September 12-4pm, meet outside JMS
  • LGBTQ+, 15th September 2-4pm, East Quadrangle Main Building

Definitely have a look on the SRC welcome week webpage if you are part of any of these groups and fancy meeting up with other students like you.

Chill and Paint

In the Williams room in the McIntyre building between 3.30-5pm on the 14th September, there will be a chill & paint session. Attending this with your friends or going along to make friends is a great way to do something fun while avoiding alcohol and age restricted events.

This is also a great way to relax and do something good for your soul during a busy week. Freshers’ Week (although fun) can also be stressful due to the great amount of change many students experience during this time, so attending an event which benefits your mental health could be very beneficial.

These are definitely not all of the things you can do sober during Freshers’ Week but are some events which you can still have fun at and mingle with others students. Everyone should be able to make new friends and have fun no matter their circumstances.

Lots of clubs and societies will also be hosting socials which are not alcohol-based, and if you are interested in more sober events, head to the SRC website where all welcome week events are listed.

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