The 15 best alternatives to clubbing in the Toon

Not everything fun has to happen at 2am x

Newcastle has a notorious reputation for its nightlife and having been home to the cast of Geordie Shore for the past 12 years, it’s no surprise that students choose to *study* here.

However, there is more to this town than garlic chips and trebs. Whether you’re in need of a peaceful day out or don’t want to drink again after your dreadful hangover, the toon has many alternatives that won’t end with your head over the toilet.

1. Take a trip to Tynemouth

It wouldn’t be a proper list without mentioning Tynemouth. There’s just something about hopping on the metro and heading towards the sea that takes all that seasonal depression away x

2. Explore Ouseburn

Previously dubbed as “one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world”, Ouseburn is definitely worth a visit. Whether it’s brunch at Kiln, a never-ending bar crawl with the housemates, or an art trip to The Biscuit Factory, Ouseburn has it all.

3. Catch a comedy show at The Stand

Admittedly, I’ve never actually been to The Stand but it’s got rave reviews and is guaranteed a good night out. This popular comedy club runs weekly shows and can be found along High Bridge. What’s more, it’s in close proximity to several pubs- ideal for those who prefer pints to puns!

4. Go to a local gig

If comedy isn’t your thing, then perhaps a concert is a better shout. Whether it’s NX, The Cluny, or even Newcastle uni’s own SU, artists are always touring the Toon.

5. Make a furry friend

On top of both Ouseburn Farm and Pets’ Corner in Jesmond Dene, BorrowMyDoggy is ideal for the animal lovers out there. Whether you’re missing the family dog or simply want some company other than your flatmates, BorrowMyDoggy is the perfect solution.

Blinkers is basically a rite of passage in the Toon. It’s an excuse to dress nice and join thousands of others prepping for a cliché Instagram post and focusing more on their pints than the races themselves.

It’s also an opportunity to poke fun at people who resemble a Downton Abbey character a bit too closely, seriously, what’s with all the tweed?

7. Get tickets to Bongos Bingo

As a Bongos Bingo survivor, this is a must during your time in the Toon. The £8 I spent on a ticket last Halloween was worth every single penny. It’s a great opportunity to dress up with your housemates and become a beast at bingo for years to come.

The vibe is immaculate with a mix of dancing on the tables and trying to win one of their many peculiar prizes.

8. Join a new society

Easier said than done. However, there are loads of societies available for students wanting to try something new. From Social Tennis to Taylor Swift Society, there are so many weird and wonderful things on offer and best of all, there’s always a blank space for you to start your own.

9. Alternatively, check out NUSU Give It A Go

NUSU Give It A Go really is a game changer for students wanting to do something spontaneous during the day. The best thing about this programme is that it’s super affordable and has no long-term commitment. Check out their website for more details.

10. Channel your inner artist with pottery or a paint n’ sip

Pottery is a great way to bond with the housemates. Book in at The Pottery Experience in Jesmond or at Kiln in Ouseburn (yes, it’s more than just a brunch spot).

If like me, however, you need a bit of liquid courage when it comes to creativity, perhaps a DIY paint n’ sip is more up your street. Simply grab some canvases, watercolours and a couple of paintbrushes from a nearby shop (other than Wilko), and Bob’s your uncle!

Of course, don’t forget about the wine. You just never know what masterpieces come about under the slight influence of echo falls.

11. Get in the ring and raise money for charity

Stage One’s “Fight Club” is famous amongst Newcastle Students. It’s a great way to get fit, hone your boxing skills (and potentially fight the Poly). What’s more, it’s for a good cause.

Any student can sign up and it’s also added entertainment to watch your friends get battered x

12. Drag the house out for a Sunday Pub quiz

Both Soho Jesmond and The Lonsdale are popular on a Sunday night. However, there are loads of pub quizzes going on all days of the week. Be sure to check out The Bluebell, North Terrace and even the SU.

13. Visit the angel of the north

Known to be one of Newcastle’s landmarks, the Angel of the North is a great day out with your housemates and gives you a chance to roleplay as a little toon tourist.

It’s a great picture opportunity to send your parents too, often with mundane responses like a thumbs-up emoji or a simple “Lovely x” from Mum.

You also may need to reconnect with nature after one too many bevs the night before x

14. Grab a pint and pizza at Market Shaker

Whilst Shaker is vastly known for its iconic mirror pics and its treb deals, they also offer deals throughout the day on their delicious pizzas and pints. There are also 80” screens available to watch all live sports to keep you entertained whilst you feast.

15. Sing your heart out at Silent Disco

I’m sure many of us have seen the large groups parading through Northumberland Street, singing to their heart’s desire in a silent disco. It’s a fun opportunity for some character development and to get your steps in at the same time.

The silent disco runs for approximately an hour and you can listen to all your pop faves for under £20.