basic uni room

If you have any of these 36 things in your new uni room then you’re basic af

Turns out I’m incredibly basic x

It’s finally time to move to uni for the first time where you’ll get the chance to design your new room in halls. Whether you’re moving to uni for the very first time or returning for your second or third year, decorating your new room is a canon event that we all experience. It’s so fun and exciting being able to put your own stamp on your space making it cosy and aesthetic.

It’s important to be able to have a space that is yours, but you might find yourself falling into the trap of being absolutely basic. It’s not always a bad thing but let’s be real, if you have any of these 36 things in your new uni room then you are 100 per cent basic.

1. Fairy Lights above your bed

Some soft lighting never hurt anyone.

2. LED lights

To create a mood within your room.

 3. A neon sign

For a funky vibe.

4. A cinema light up box

For those inspirational messages to get you through the year.

5. Alcohol bottles as decoration

What better way to make your shelves look trendy x

 6.  A salt lamp

Creates some ambiance to the room.

 7. Candles

So you can add a bit more of that ambiance.

 8. A wax burner

Because a candle just simply isn’t enough.

 9. A houseplant

Let’s be honest, it won’t make it until the end of the year

 10. Hanging vines on the wall

Never hurt to add some colour to the walls.

 11. A photo collage on your wall

Something to make you feel at home.

12. Polaroids around your mirror

More aesthetic than just regular photos.

13. Another photo collage, on your corkboard

Everyone needs motivation to make it through the year.

14. And more fairy lights around said cork board

Lighting is key x

15. Anything from IKEA

Basic but cheap.

 16. The IKEA pot plant used as a pen holder

It’s just so aesthetic.

17. A cute planner sat on your desk

For all those organised girlies.

18. Matching stationary

Organised and aesthetic.

19. A full length mirror

For all those fit pics.

 20. A dreamcatcher

Adding to the great vibes within the room.

21. A sherpa rug

something to warm your toes when you get out of bed x

 22. An unnecessary amount of decorative pillows

You won’t even be able to get into the bed.

23. An insane amount of throws 

To keep you warm during winter.

 24. A teddy (or several) on your bed

For when you need some extra comfort x

basic uni room

 25. A draw stuffed with Febreeze

A very basic and useful uni staple.

26. A dark ‘n’ light washing basket

You know exactly which one I’m talking about.

27. Decorative storage boxes

Who wants to look at a suitcase stuffed on top of your wardrobe all year?

28. A box full of fancy dress

You’ll need it more than you first realise.

29.  A world map

It will, of course, make you look super cultured x

30. A patterned duvet set

Who wants a plain white duvet?

basic uni room

31. A fluffly dressing gown

Technically not decoration but everyone has one.

32. An oodie

Similar to a dressing gown but also very basic in its own right.

33. An unnecessary amount of shoes

A girl needs options!

34. A reusable Starbucks cup

For all your coffee cravings.

35. A shower caddy

For those who didn’t quite manage to snag an ensuite room.

 36. A first aid kit 

Essential but essentially basic.

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