The five best ways to cure your hangover as a fresher in Newcastle

Welcome to the Toon silly fresh x

Freshers’ can be a very overwhelming time, even if you feel ready to start university. Use this time to bask in laziness before you wake up with the responsibility of a terrifying adulthood, or live out your overdraft.

Whether you’re going crazy or taking it slow, these tips will help you settle and maintain your sanity throughout the year.

Make use of the 24/7 Greggs

Newcastle nights out will definitely test your drinking limits. Getting to grips with trebles will undoubtedly build your appetite. I know that suggesting stuffing your face with baked goods after a night of binge drinking may not be the best well-being advice – but trust me, after a night out, Greggs will be your best friend.

Combine your cheap choice of pastry with a pint of water and you should make it to your 9am. 

Take a trip to Grainger Market

Grainger Market has loads to offer but is definitely the best place in town to grab your fresh fruit and vegetables. With cheap prices and a great deal of variety, the greengrocers will provide you with the ingredients to create the perfect recovery meals. Although doing a food shop can be jarring, picking your fruit and vegetables from a market stall can make food shopping bearable.

Plus, you’re supporting local businesses. I’m no nutritionist but if you’re beating your liver up every night, it’s best to fuel your body with some necessary vitamins. It’s all about balance, right?  

If you can’t quite muster up the energy to cook but are looking for some delicious low-cost meals, then get yourself down to one of the many independent food vendors available. Grainger Market is a great place to feed your craving for food that actually has flavour. (Don’t worry though– your cooking skills will get there in the end). 

Treat yourself to some retail therapy in Eldon Square

Going out countless nights in a row, unfortunately, takes its toll. A self-pamper night every so often is necessary if you want to care for yourself. Buy some facemasks, moisturiser and splash out on a serum that prevents dark eyebags – you’ll get through plenty of this throughout the year.

Don’t forget to grab some vitamins, too. Vitamin C will help fight off fresher’s flu whilst magnesium will help maintain regular sleeping patterns on the nights you’re not stumbling home at 4am. Anaemic girlies – now’s the time to remember to take your iron! 

Reconnect with nature

If you’re missing home or finding it difficult to adjust to your new environment, going out and exploring can help you feel more positive about moving to a new city. Newcastle and the surrounding areas offer many comforting outdoor spaces.

Going for a walk is a great way to get to know people. Exploring these areas is the perfect excuse to ask your flatmates, coursemates or people you met in the club toilets to go out. But if not, don’t hold back. Go alone. A bit of time to yourself is vital as a fresher. 

Jesmond Dene is a great option if you feel the need to reconnect with nature and don’t fancy travelling too far. It has some gorgeous views and aligns perfectly with a hot drink in a Jesmond café. 

If you don’t want to leave the city centre, a walk to Newcastle’s iconic Quayside will help you fall in love with the city. Even better when the Sunday markets are on!  

Let’s go to the beach…beach

There’s nothing better than hearing the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, oddly mimicking the constant bangs of a recurring headache.

Whether it’s Tynemouth, Whitley Bay or South Shields – you’re spoilt for choice. There’s always a seagull in eyeline waiting to steal your fish and chips which you can barely stomach.