Your Edinburgh Uni degree based on your favourite George Square food truck

Is yours accurate?

With the academic year kicking off, you may be looking to explore the plethora of food options in George Square in between society events, study grinds and nights out. Why buy a EUSA branded sandwich when you could splash out on a delicious hot dog or soup from one of the food trucks that line the perimeter of campus. In doing so you may notice, as I have, the trends and patterns that exist in the types of people frequenting each food truck.

Here is a (surprisingly accurate) guess at what you study based on your fave GS food truck:

Union of Genius

If you get the soup or chilli from Union of Genius you’re a true gorp core hero. You study either history or geography but you’d rather spend your weekends up Arthur’s Seat or exploring the Pentlands rather than studying.

On the Roll

If you’re a bratwurst enjoyer you 100 per cent study psychology or philosophy. A stone’s throw from the PPLS library, you frequent this spot for lunch and order a hot dog with all the trimmings.


If you get your coffee from Bambi you’re definitely an art student on a pilgrimage from the ECA to GS. You wear loads of bangles and have recently returned from your gap year in Bali. You definitely order oat milk in your coffee.

Uplands Roast

If you enjoy coffee from Uplands Roast you are 100% an English lit girly. Nothing hits harder than an Uplands Roast hot chocolate with all the trimmings before an exam season library grind.

Mac and Cheese truck

You are definitely a computing student if you get mac and cheese from the Mac Love truck. In fact, you’ve had to bribe yourself with it in exchange for tearing yourself away from the computer screen. Hey, I respect the hustle.

Wrappers Delight

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ve actually ever seen anyone go here, why would you when Africano wraps is just round the corner? I’m sure their wraps are lovely but they’re definitely most enjoyed by non Edinburgh students and tourists visiting, yet to be exposed to the wonders of Africano wraps.

Gourmet Sausage Rolls

If you like Gourmet Sausage Rolls you’re a classy guy or gal who won’t settle for a lowly Greggs sausage roll. You like the finer things in life and you also probably study business or economics in order to ensure that you can continue to eat upmarket deli foods for years to come postgrad.

Brewbox coffee