This is what your favourite night out in Liverpool says about you

From techno to cheese, we’re here to break down the stereotypes of the best Liverpool nights out

Where you choose to go to uni says a lot about you, but your favourite night out speaks volumes. Whether you’re a diehard Shindie fan, a regular at The Hatch, or – god forbid – a Popworld lover, there’s something for everyone in Liverpool. Let’s face it, we’ve got some of the best nights out in the country.

The Raz Mondays

You’re most likely not a fresher, as it’s an unspoken rule that you don’t discover The Raz until the end of first year. You tell your friends every week, “I can’t be arsed to queue for The Raz” before being convinced at 9pm to make the godforsaken queue and knocking back two fat frogs and a Raz bomb. You can be found shivering on a Tuesday from the hangover worsened by the fat frog sugar comedown. You probably have low standards because let’s face it, The Raz can be grim (but that’s part of the charm).

Skint Tuesdays

You’re forever 18, and that’s okay! You’re shameless about being a Skint lover, but you’re also indecisive – you need two clubs at once. You peak way too early in the week, and your entire midweek is a write off. It has to be said though – Skint fans are loyalists and can usually be found there week in and week out without fail. We applaud you.

The Hatch Wednesdays

Have you mentioned that you’re on a sports team? Yes, you have. Multiple times. The Hatch on a Wednesday is a sports social favourite, so you’re usually dressed in a last minute costume consisting of your flatmates’ wardrobes. You always tell yourself a quad vod is a good idea, before instantly regretting it. You wake up on a Thursday bruised from stacking it down the toilet stairs and with too much hangxiety to check the group chat.

Heebie Jeebie’s Thursdays

You can usually be found sweating it out in the basement to techno trying not to bang your head on the ceiling, whilst your best friend is running up and down the stairs to drag you back to the main room for all the best RnB tunes. Your weekend is a day longer than the rest of us – you’re pretty hardcore – or, you crash and burn on Friday before the rest of us have even started.

Shindie Thursdays:

You live and die for Shindie. Your sole aim of the week is to get a sign to express your deepest feelings (“KISS ME IT’S MY BIRTHDAY” or “MAGGIE’S IN THE MUD”) only to chuck it across the floor 10 minutes later because your arms ache. You love to tell everyone how unique you are for choosing to dance to The Wombats and Arctic Monkeys over “the shite they play in other clubs”. Don’t worry, you’ll grow out of this phase.

54 Fridays

You’re doing the most to try and fit in with scousers – you’re maybe even braving heels (which you regret as soon as you get to pre drinks). You can probably be found taking selfies in the toilets before getting one (or six) double vodka cranberries. We can’t deny it though – you’re always down to have fun, and you manage to look as glam at the end of the night as you did when you arrived, maybe barefoot by this point though.

Electrik/McCooley’s Saturdays

These two tend to go hand in hand – you start at Pandamonium, trying to hunt down Pedro the Panda to get some videos with him that you will definitely regret posting to your main story by the morning. After exhausting yourself up and down the stairs at Electrik, you head over to McCooley’s to get even more of a cheese fix. You love getting white girl wasted to Taylor Swift and you know what? We salute you. Saturdays in Liverpool are not for the weak.

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