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MAFS UK’s Nathanial says he’s going to expose ‘lies’ on the show in cryptic Instagram posts

Can someone please tell me what’s going on?

MAFS Nathanial has shared a series of mysterious Instagram Stories, teasing followers about wanting to share the truth about what really happened on the show.

Before last night’s episode, Nathanial shared a video telling followers he wouldn’t be watching but that he looked forward to telling the truth about “all the shit that happened” on MAFS.

In the video he said: “Unfortunately I won’t be watching MAFS tonight. The big thing is that I’m coming back home and I can’t wait to tell the truth about all the shit that happened on this show.”

And now after last night’s dramatic row between Nathanial and Ella, we’ve been left guessing on what Nathanial is hinting at wanting to reveal. Their argument took over last night’s show, with Nathanial calling Ella a liar and storming off more than once. But after finding out Ella has previously worked as a stripper in last night’s show we know he can’t be talking about that, so we’re left wondering what on earth it could be. What else don’t we know?

But now the curious series of Instagram Stories Nathanial is sharing about the lies on the show is stressing me out. After Nathanial called Ella a liar during a row on their honeymoon, he went one further and teased followers on social media, asking them to guess what Ella was lying about on the show and promised a reply to those who guessed correctly.

Tagging E4 and E4 MAFS accounts in the post, he wrote in the question box: “What was Ella lying about, right answers will get a reply… go”.

nathanial mafs instagram

Via @nathanial.valentino on Instagram

It seems he really is getting stuck in with the drama, despite it being his own. I just don’t know how they went from that insane amount of sexual chemistry to the turmoil that was last night’s explosive fight. And it’s only the honeymoon! Clearly the chemistry was electric in more ways than one.

And it just gets more cryptic from there. This morning, Nathanial shared another Insta Story from his bed, where he thanked his followers for their kind messages and support, telling us it “means a lot”. He wrote: “This process broke me with lies and cover ups.

“To the other 10 per cent, hate to call out my community LGBT+. Look at people’s actions and behaviour, not just presentation.” He again tagged @e4grams and @e4mafsuk in the post, seemingly ensuring that everyone knows he’s referring to last night’s dramatic episode.

nathanial mafs instagram

Via @nathanial.valentino on Instagram

So what have we missed? Nathanial is clearly hinting that there’s more than meets the eye in his marriage and that we’re yet to find out the whole truth. And I really hope we find out soon. This feels like a game of piggy in the middle and we’ve no hope of winning anytime soon.

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more like this Nathanial MAFS Instagram drama and all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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