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From drama to divorce, here are all of our MAFS predictions after a turbulent first week

Peggy and Laura are going to butt heads, I can feel it

We’re already almost one week into the newest season of MAFS UK and this year’s cast is undoubtedly one of the most fiery yet. But the cast’s big personalities have made it easy to pull together some juicy MAFS UK 2023 week one predictions. We’re starting to get a real insight into what the brides and grooms are really like. Some of them are already giving huge red flags, and we haven’t even got past the honeymoons yet. From the U-turn that was  Nathanial and Ella’s huge row after their insane chemistry, to Georges weird obsession with fake boobs – each episode takes me by surprise and I really don’t know where this is headed.

Here are some MAFS UK 2023 week one predictions that you simply cannot argue with:

Peggy will establish herself as an alpha female

After her wedding last night, it’s clear that Peggy was brought up in a strong family. I mean, her dad’s reaction to the news of her marrying a stranger has to be the funniest in MAFS UK history. I believe that she’s truly in the experiment looking for love and that she really is willing to put the work in.

But I expect that she’s not for one second going to take any shit from Georges – I think it’s only a matter of time before he pushes it too far and she puts him in her place. I get the vibe that she’s not too dissimilar to her sister and isn’t afraid to rock the boat to make sure she gets what she deserves. Although I do question the experts in their pairing of her with Georges. I really do not see it going well and so I wish her luck.

Laura will clash with Peggy – and everyone else

Laura has already proved herself as a strong woman who isn’t afraid to make demands. She’s arguably the poshest of the cast, or wants to be, and loves to tell everyone she only drinks an oat milk latte. With this year’s cast being made up of so many big personalities, I can already see Laura getting wound up and can sense a kick off between her and the girls already, probably Peggy and Jay to name a couple. Her marriage with Arthur could be equally as turbulent, with one of the first things she picks up on is the absence of his posh accent. Laura clearly lives life in the fast lane and I’m not sure Arthur will run fast enough to keep up.

We’ll see more tears from Ella

We’ve already seen that Ella is willing to give 110 per cent to the experiment and has thrown herself in head first. But after already being hurt on her honeymoon, I think we can expect a lot of growth from Ella. Despite already proving to have a fiery personality, it’s clear that she’s got a real soft side and so I just hope she doesn’t put walls up.

I also expect that Nathanial won’t be the only cast member she butts heads with. We’ve heard that the dinner parties this season get explosive, and also that Ella is incredibly close with Rosaline and Peggy, so I expect that she’ll have a lot to say if their husbands aren’t pulling their weight in the marriages.

Rosaline and Thomas will be the strongest couple

Rosaline seems so pure and like she wouldn’t put a foot wrong. Although, after seeing her challenge Thomas over his lack of affection on the honeymoon, I reckon that is subject to change as she warms up to her husband and the other brides and grooms in the experiment. I do think she’s one of the more mature cast members, despite only being 28-years-old, and that she’ll get on with Jay with them both being the funny ones.

As for Thomas, he’s giving genuinely adorable vibes so far. Although I wish he had been a little more forthcoming on their honeymoon, I respect him taking his time to establish a real connection. He definitely seems to share the same respect as Terence, while also possessing the cheekiness of Georges, just without the strange obsession with sexualising women. I think he’ll be a great mediator in the arguments to come.

I think Rozz and Thomas’ marriage will be a strong one. From what he’s hinted on his Instagram, Thomas has nothing genuine love and respect for his wife, calling her “The most wonderful person I have ever met” and saying “I couldn’t have done #MAFSUK with anyone else but you”. ADORABLE.

Tasha and Paul will do some serious growth together

Tasha is arguably the most bubbly bride on the show. Because of that though, I reckon she’ll find it hard to stay out of the other couples’ disputes. I think her and Paul have great potential and are pretty well suited to one another, so hopefully her energy is poured into that and not wasted on beef between the other couples. But I doubt it. Hopefully they both want it enough to make it work.

We saw at Paul’s wedding last night that he’s a kindhearted guy and the relationship he has with his mum is nothing but green flags. His vows to Tasha were really sweet and I can see them really clicking and Paul growing confidence in himself throughout the experiment. He definitely seems to want to avoid the drama, so I reckon he’ll be one of the husbands on the sidelines while things kick off. So because of that, I sense a happily ever after could be in store for them. Although, with him and Tasha being the youngest couple on the show, I really hope that he doesn’t get pulled into any of the boys’ (Georges) shenanigans.

Jay and Luke will find their happy ever after

Jay and Luke have already stolen the show as the cutest couple so far. Luke is pure and cheeky and seems genuine with his intentions. I just hope he rubs off on some of the other grooms on how to act as a newly wed. Jay is just fun all over and I expect she’ll put some of the cast members taking themselves too seriously firmly in their place. After learning all about her life, I think she will put her all into her marriage and really see some positive personal growth in her confidence. She will also no doubt get stuck in the drama, how could she not? She’s from Accrington, for god’s sake.

Nathanial will provide the drama all season long, but take a back seat

Nathanial has divided opinion already, and it’s only week one. His defiant personality has me questioning whether him and Ella will work. And that’s without mentioning his cryptic Instagram posts hinting at lies in the show, or even after him telling The Tab: “I think I couldn’t have done better with what I was given”. So suspicious.

Regardless, we know he thinks women are ‘hard work and so I’m expecting him to find him in the middle of fights. But he’s not silly – I reckon he’s likely to drop a few bombs and then watch from the sidelines. Although despite that, we know his connections with others are genuine so I think he’ll make some good friends throughout the experiment.

Terence will steal the show, simply for being so pure

Terence is the nicest cast member on the show, possibly ever. It looks like he’ll be marrying Porscha and with them both being religious, their marriage could go one of two ways. I hope they both find a common ground. Both being parents, I’m expecting a lot of patience from both parties. There’s no way he’ll be in the centre of any upset – he just doesn’t seem bothered enough to lower himself. I’m seeing love for him and Porscha so far, but the wedding we’re yet to see could change things. Regardless of what happens, Terence is going to win us all over, with this being the most guaranteed of all MAFS UK 2023 week one predictions.

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