These are my top 10 favourite things about Exeter, from someone going into final year

Sign me up for a Master’s now please xxx

It’s that time of year again – back to uni. For many, this also means that you will be welcomed into Exeter as a fresher, which can feel scary, exciting and everything in between. So, it seems only fair to impart some third year wisdom and explain some of the best (up for debate) bits of being an Exeter student. Soon, you will be thriving in your new city, making some memories that you’ll cherish forever. And for those in their second or third year, or perhaps the student who doesn’t want to retire from the Exeter lifestyle just yet, it’s time for another year of unhinged Exeter antics.

1. All the coffee shops

Whether you’re a Starbucks and Pret girlie, or prefer the vibes of an independent, Exeter has you covered with the best selection of places to get your caffeine fix. Or, if you desperately need a hungover full English, Boston Tea Party is a great place for food and a debrief with your friends.

2. Pres

Some of the best Exeter memories have come from pres. You can look forward to learning, or attempting to learn, loads of new drinking games, and debate with everyone about the real rules of Ring of Fire. You will learn that vodka squash is a superior beverage and that pres is ALWAYS better than the night out.

3. Impy, or your personal fave beer garden (a never-ending debate between us all)

A fresher’s paradise is the great Imperial. Your new local Wetherspoons is, to be fair, very pretty as far as Spoons goes. However, you’ll find that it’s actually quite a trek once you hit student housing in your second year, so make the most of that short walk from halls to the beautiful Impy beer garden.

4. The Quay

There’s not much better than running (ok, walking slowly) to the Quay on a sunny day for a sunset Aperol at Mangos. Pure bliss.

5. The beach

There’s not much better than running (ok, walking slowly) to the Quay on a sunny day for a sunset Aperol at Mangos. Pure bliss.

5. The beach

No further explanation needed. We love you @exetergingercat. 

7. The green campus

Exeter is renowned for its vibrant, green campus. Filled with trees and gardens, the campus is not only great for the Instagram feed but also the perfect place to chill after a long day of lectures. Reed Hall is especially pretty, so go for a wander with your mates and explore the grounds.

8. Nightlife (it’ll grow on you, I promise)

Exeter nightlife is what you make of it. It may not be of the same quality as the big UK cities, it’s true, but once you’ve got a great group together, you will have the funniest nights. There’s nothing like downing venoms with your friends on a TP Wednesday – if you manage to get a ticket, then that is certainly worthy of celebration!

9. Societies

Welcome Week is a great time to branch out and explore all of the societies that are running in Exeter. From BeTheChange (not bias here…) to Benchball, every niche hobby is catered for. Take the opportunity to try something new. And, even if you don’t love it, you’ve made a new memory to add to your Exeter experience.

10. The people

Approaching my final year, it’s scary how quickly my undergrad has gone. But, in that time, I have made some lifelong friends, coupled with the strangest, most chaotic memories in my life so far. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and can honestly say that Exeter is the gift that keeps on giving.

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