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Six of the most unique societies at the University of Manchester

Now that your Freshers’ wristband has expired, have a look at what else Manchester has to offer besides 256

Congratulations, you have survived Freshers’ Week! The combination of copious amounts of socialising and alcohol can make attending the official societies fair a bit unrealistic.

So, we went there for you to scope out the most unique societies you can join to show that there truly is something for everyone in Manchester. If you never want to step foot in 42s again but still want to make new friends: Take a look at these six quirky and wonderful societies you could become a part of.

The Taylor Swift Society 

Whether you like her music or not, Taylor Swift has undoubtedly got one of the most dedicated fanbases in the world. The Swift Society is a chance for fans to get together for listening parties, themed socials, quizzes and more. If you already love the same music, find out what else you have in common with fellow Swifties at their events and find them on Instagram at @uom.swiftsociety.

Ballroom and Latin Society 

Open to everyone from total beginners to advanced competitors, MUBLS “teach the 10 dances of ballroom and Latin including waltz, cha cha, quickstep, tango and jive”. They have weekly classes for all levels at Contact Theatre on Oxford Road. With a yearly membership coming to just £4.31 per class, why not try something new and active whilst making friends? Find them on Instagram @mubls_.

Hide and Seek Society 

Who doesn’t love hide and seek? So much of being at uni feels like you’re being forced to grow up, so why not indulge in one of the best childhood games of all? The Hide and Seek Society launched last year and organised games all over Manchester- including on the Fallowfield Campus and in Factory. They’re looking to do the same this year with unusual takes on the game such as shrinking hide and seek. Find them on Instagram @uomhideandseek.

Birdwatching Society 

Manchester life can get pretty hectic so the Birdwatching Society offers some peaceful respite from the chaos of Piccadilly. Whether you are “an experienced twitcher or you can’t tell your robins from your pigeons” the society makes use of the green spaces in the city and also offers excursions further afield. There is no joining fee and the only cost is if you chose to go on the trips so sign up and get outside. Find them on Instagram @uombirdwatching.

Mindful Medic Society 

Despite their name, the Mindful Medics are open to all students. They focus on organising events centred around wellbeing to balance out the stresses of university. It is free to join and then you can buy tickets to their different events which include yoga, arts and crafts, pilates and more! As the year progresses and assignments build up, finding time to wind down whilst making new friends can be really helpful. Find them on Instagram @mindfulmedics_uom.

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