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MAFS’ Terence called police on Porscha, claiming she cut up clothes after explosive row

It’s giving teenage break up

Just when we thought the pre-dinner party drama had peaked, Married At First Sight’s Terence has revealed that he called the police on his wife, Porscha, after she allegedly cut up his clothes and damaged his designer watches.

Last night we were introduced to Terence and Porscha and watched the couple’s beautiful, although slightly awkward wedding. Right from the off, their relationship got off on the wrong foot after Porscha’s first words to Terence weren’t asking his name, but instead asking whether he was a Christian. Hardly romantic.

Things didn’t look like they were getting better either, as the bride and groom got to know each other. Porshca called herself a homebody and said it was rare she was awake past 11pm, whereas Terence admitted his DJ gigs and party lifestyle meant he often isn’t in bed until 4am or 5am some mornings.

But Terence has since claimed that his new bride, Porscha Pernnelle, actually “cut up his clothes” and “smashed two of his designer watches” during an explosive fight between the pair.

Terence told MailOnline that he was shocked to return to the apartment the married couple shared after one of the show’s commitment ceremonies, where he found his Hugo Boss and Michael Kors watches shattered, as well as damage done to his clothing and personal items.

The 40-year-old called the police, who then questioned Porscha, about the damaged items, with her allegedly being the only other person with access to their accommodation.

But the MAFS Terence and Porscha police drama only seems to get messier from there.

Channel 4 replaced Terence’s broken and torn up items after he complained to the show, and he told his mates: “Fair play to the show, it took forever, and it was stressful waiting, but they got all my stuff sorted in the end”.

MailOnline reported how a source close to the programme said: “Porscha and Terence struggled to get along during the process and often had different ideas about their marriage.

“On multiple occasions, Terence opted to leave the show while Porscha was keen to stay and so tensions continued to rise in their partnership. Terence discovered one morning that belongings he left in his apartment had been damaged, his clothing torn up and his watches smashed.

“He had no option but to call the police because he suspected his bride may have been the cause.”

While Porscha had an extremely particular check list for what she wanted in her husband and I expected some kicking off in this marriage, I did not expect this. The pair don’t really seem suited to me and given that they don’t follow each other on Instagram either, I don’t think it’s looking good for them.

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