10 types of people you’ll meet in Cardiff during Freshers’ Week

Oh yes, they really did do a gap yah

With Freshers’ Week, comes the annual influx of fresh faced first years ready to eat sleep breathe everything Cardiff University has to offer. Never will you meet so many new people at once than during the carnage that is Freshers’ Week. Some will have a big feature in your life for this first year-whether you like that idea or not.

Strap yourself in for the “what’s your name”, “what course do you study” chats that occur on the daily in this first week. Here is a guide of every type of person you are likely to end up meeting in Freshers’ Week.

The person who will be your Freshers’ Week bestie and then never speak to again

You’re the same person! You have the same interests! You’re inseparable! Forward-wind a week into lectures when you’re on different courses or accoms and before you know it, you bump into each other every other Wednesday night at the SU and that’s as far as the friendship goes.

The person you’ll regretfully commit flatcest with

The fate is set from the first night and no one can tell you otherwise. You know it, everyone else knows it-no matter how subtle you think you’re being. It seems like such a good idea at the time, until it happens and you spend the next two terms not being able to look each other.

The person whose personality is the gym

They have the role of making you feel bad for staying in bed after you both get back to the flat from a night at Revs at 4am. Whilst you’re catching up on some much needed sleep the next morning, they take it upon themselves to make it known they’ve been to the Taly gym. Hungover? Could never be them.

The person who took a gap yah

We get it, you found yourself travelling around South East Asia.

The person who can’t help but repeatedly set off the fire alarm

Burnt toast? Accidentally left the bacon in the pan for too long? We’ve all been guilty once. But three evacuations out of your halls for some silly fresh cooking behaviour when your hungover is unacceptable. And don’t even think about sticking it out with your ears covered, those alarms are curated by the human version on a 9am.

The person from your home town but you’ve never actually met

Uni quickly becomes a very small world. Embrace the inevitable conversation starters of “where are you from” and before you know it you’re chatting to a friend of a friend realising you’re from the same place. Maybe your same home references will bond you immediately (or maybe you’re looking to steer away, who knows?).

The person who takes charge in making group chats

Not all heroes wear capes. Everyone needs a group admin in their life. You probably recognise their name from the Facebook or WhatsApp Cardiff Offer holders chats pre uni. They take on role of group mum, making sure everyone gets to events and places on time.

The person you think you recognise from college or sixth from but are scared to say hi to

You’re behind them in the queue for the SU toilets. You’ll see them again the following night on opposite sides of the kitchen of a flat party. Before you know it, Freshers’ is over and it’s too awkward to say something. Don’t let the fear of not being recognised put you off. Freshers’ Week is all about putting yourself out there.

The person who becomes the Karen of the course chat

When’s the first lecture? What compulsory reading is required? How to access a module on learning central? This person has all your course-related worries covered. Keep your friends close, keep your Karens closer.

The person who stole a traffic cone