The seven types of Notts students you’ll come across during Freshers’ Week

How many have you spotted on campus?

Freshers’ Week is one of the most hyped up experience about university. It is for some the time they remember throughout their whole uni career, you’re out practically every night with your new housemates forming lifelong friendships and just having a great time in general.

Freshers’ Week is now sadly coming to a close and it’s nearly time to come to reality of actually having to turn up to your 9ams and at least attempt some work instead of clubbing every night. Before it ends tho but here are the seven different types of students that you’ve definitely come across during Freshers’ in Notts:

1. The one who has no idea what is going on

This person has absolutely no clue what is happening, they haven’t checked what meetings they need to attend and they  keep turning up to everything hungover. They’re also constantly making plans and having to re-arrange after realising they have in fact double booked themselves. Organisation is not their strong suit and they just go with the flow – we can only wish them luck for the rest of the year x

2. The one trying to get every single last freebie

From Fresher’s Fair to the Discover Nottingham fair, there were plenty of opportunities to grab yourself a freebie. Wether that was an iconic Ocean t-shirt, Rock City tote bag, Bunk glass or houseplant from UniHomes how could you turn the chance to get your hands on them?

There will categoricaly always be that one person who will return to the fairs multiple times in order to maximise their freebies. They’ll also have a draw full of dominoes vouchers and trinkets that they’ll never touch again but they just cannot resist and who can blame them?

3. The one who goes out every single night

For this person uni is their first bit of real freedom and they are not letting one night pass by without making the most of it. They are always out trying to sample the Notts night life, getting to know their preferences for the year ahead early and whenever you bump into them, they try to convince you to come out for another unmissable night, despite their current hangover.

4. The one constantly wearing their Notts lanyard

A rite of passage for many Notts freshers, receiving their first lanyard when they move into the halls on campus. Many freshers see it as a staple fashion accessory and perfect way of never losing your new student card and room key.

It is often a great way to spot first years as everyone else has come to realise that it really just makes you look like a teacher most of the time.

5. The one constantly asking questions in the group chat

Somewhat similar to the one who has no idea what is going on, this person has to verify the most basic facts with everyone in the group chat. They often doubt themselves and look to others to make sure they are heading to the right place. We’ve all been that person at least once during Freshers’ and one can blame them – there is just so much to remember.

6. The one constantly getting lost

It is categorically impossible to avoid being this person during Freshers’. Having just moved to a new city you’re bound to get lost anywhere but Uni Park campus is on another level. So many of the buildings are super confusing and don’t to have any sense of organisation.

Just don’t worry too much if you’re this person as you’ll find your way eventually, and if you see some helpless freshers trying to find a room in Trent building, maybe help them out – I’m sure we’ve all been there before.

7. The one who joins The Tab Notts

This fresher ends up having the best year after joining the best student news outlet in Nottingham. Frequently meeting up with their fellow writers at some of the best socials they’ve been to, they have never regretted attending the first open meeting of the year.

It’s a canon event and you should join too so you don’t miss out x

We are holding our first open meeting on the 5th October from 5:30pm in Mooch. If you are interested in joining our team then please let us know via our Facebook or message us @thetab_nottingham on Instagram if you have any questions. 

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