How to cook an egg and everything else Bournemouth freshers are frantically Googling right now

Are you really a fresher if you didn’t convince yourself you were dying of Freshers’ Flu after Googling your symptoms?

As Freshers’ Week kicks off, Google seems to be the number one place for freshers to navigate the newfound independence and challenges of university life. From moving away from home to exploring the clubbing scene, starting university can be a daunting time full of new experiences and queries, leading Freshers’ to turn to the familiar place of quick solutions: Google.

We’ve collected the top 10 searches freshers are frantically Googling right now. Here’s what they want to know:

1. Clubs near me

As long as the shots keep coming, Freshers aren’t fussy where they are.

2. Hangover cure

After a few too many on Cameo Wednesday, you’ll need a boost for those Thursday 9am lectures: Berrocca, toast, and a quick prayer you don’t puke.

3. How to cook an egg

If you’re Googling this we’re slightly worried.

4. How to cook pasta

Now we’re really worried. Fill pan with water, place pasta in said water, voila.

5. How to reference

The question we’re all still asking.

6. Where to meet friends

You’ll meet some great friends by joining a society, but it may take time and that’s okay!

7. Cheapest brand of vodka

Stock up on those essentials.

8. How to pay bills

Set up a standing order and watch all your money magically disappear every month (crying is not only acceptable but normal).

9. Is Freshers’ Flu dangerous?

Try eating a vegetable and you might have a chance of survival.

10. How to budget

Arguably the most important skill you’ll learn at university.

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