An indisputable ranking of all the best Exeter coffee shops on campus

Get yourself a cheeky treat, you deserve it

Whether you’re a die-hard caffeine addict, or simply love your pumpkin spice, extra cold foam, caramel syrup, vanilla whip coffees – we’ve got you. Exeter has a vast array of spots to meet your friends and spill the tea over a coffee when you know for a fact a £4 latte does not fit into your weekly budget, but it’s just too tempting to resist. So, we’ve compiled a list of all of the best places around campus to get your daily drink when Forum library isn’t quite hitting anymore.

Comida – 7/10

First up is a newbie. The ever-popular Comida (aka the “wrap place”) in Devonshire House is an affordable and accessible coffee spot right in the hub of campus. Located in the Forum, Comida is directly next to the Student Guild, so is the perfect place to grab a flat white and get studying.

Pret – 6/10

If you’ve been at Exeter for a while, you will remember the chaos that was the Pret subscription. So much so, that barriers were put up to organise students into some form of organised queue. Sadly, those days are now over, which is useful when you don’t want to wait for 40 minutes for your lunch and iced Americano. But, I for one will never get over the loss of five (free in girl maths) coffees a day. What a time.

Starbucks – 7/10

Previously Costa (RIP). But fear not, another iconic chain has blessed us with its presence in the Forum. Starbucks, which appeared last year, is a consistent fave for the typical Exeter student. You will end up buying a reusable cup (save the planet and all) with the instantly recognisable Starbucks logo, and you will run to try the new autumn drinks. Personal fave has to be the new salted maple and caramel latte – divine. It’s difficult to not be tempted into spending your entire student loan on sampling every possible combination – and always picking a venti that you will never finish.

Camper Coffee – 8/10

Studying English, I frequent Queens Building way too much. But luckily for me, and fellow humanities students, we have easy access to Camper Coffee. Serving up an array of coffees, teas and even chai lattes, Camper is always a reliable and delicious pit stop before a seminar. You can find Camper Coffee in Queens and Amory, but good luck finding a seat.

Barisca – 9/10

In a similar fashion to Camper, Barisca is also a great pre-lecture hydration station. A homage to our amazing city, Barisca incorporates the Roman name for Exeter – ISCA. Fairtrade coffee is their thing, and you can find these beverages across loads of uni-based outlets, such as in the Harrison and Peter Chalk buildings – even the cute outdoor setting by the Forum. Make sure to bring a reusable cup for an extra discount off of your morning pick up.

Cross Keys’ – 8/10

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten all of the St. Luke’s crew. Located on the opposite side of the city, Exeter’s other local campus is also blessed with an absolutely great spot in Cross Keys. Serving up traditional baked goods, and the amazing £2 meal deals also found in Devonshire House (shoutout to the Students’ Guild), plus your well-deserved coffee, these spaces offer reliable snacks and drinks that won’t break the bank.

The Ram – 10/10

Finally, a slightly rogue inclusion, but iconic nonetheless. The Ram, Exeter’s resident pub and bar, doesn’t just offer up cheap alcohol, but also a slightly more wholesome coffee or hot drink. The ideal place to relax between lectures, where you can fill up on the dream combo of caffeine and curly fries to get you through the day. It gets full marks purely for the unique opportunity to grab a coffee or a rogue mid-morning pint, so go wild.

That’s the roundup complete – hopefully this list will direct you to your new fave spot, whether that’s for a debrief, breakdown, study or all of the above. Enjoy!

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