Here are eight Exeter experiences that are equivalent to the Roman Empire

Yes, extortionate TP tickets get a mention

You’ve likely seen the Roman Empire trend all over TikTok in recent weeks. This trend shows that all men supposedly have a fascination with the Roman Empire whilst the other half of TikTok users discovered that the female equivalent of the Roman Empire is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Go Chiefs! Am I sensing a Taylor Swift Society and Exeter Demons joint social in the works? So, we decided to take some time out from learning the rules to American Football to list everything that is an Exeter “Roman Empire”.

1. Extortionately priced TP tickets and baguettes

It isn’t a trip to campus if you don’t spend £15 on a coffee and lunch. Exeter students are nobly keeping Pret and TP in business. Some of those resellers on Overheard are getting ballsy though. Let’s not forget TP tickets cost a mere few pounds, why are we buying them for £20? I often wonder how much money I have spent in these fine establishments, and sob at the fact my loan simply cannot cover another night at the Piece.

2. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the University of Exeter

I have spent a considerable part of my university experience wondering when my classes won’t be inaudible from the deafening sound of drills. It started off in first year moving into East Park, of which construction finished many months behind schedule – during my first week of classes. Forum Kitchen also took over a year to build. Finally, the new Centre for Resilience in Environment, Water and Waste (CREWW building) is finished. A huge new building is obviously the best thing we can do for the environment, along with replacing every single sign on campus with a shiny green one. At least the university can afford loud, green rebranding.

Most recently, a new building site has also been erected right in the middle of one of the only remaining green spaces in the centre of campus. Wow, our uni really must love the planet! This project, a Multi-Faith Centre, is part of the University’s 2030 strategy so don’t expect a proposed finish date any time soon.

3. Where your baccy actually is

Rah, who has my vape? Why is a nicotine addiction an Exeter canon event? These are all ever-present questions. The lost vape is an Exeter Roman Empire that I’m sure most Exeter students can relate to.

4. The north

According to the majority of the Exeter student population, the north is anything above London. So what is this far-away land that we think about daily? From the strange accents to the Greggs obsession, many Exeter students find themselves contemplating this fairytale place. We certainly are a rare sight on campus but us mythical creatures will bring you nothing but luck if we happen to cross paths.

5. Rugby boys

You either love them or you hate them. Usually, it’s both simultaneously. At the University of Exeter you can’t avoid rugby boys (though maybe you should) so they are somehow always on our minds. I wonder how often rugby boys think of the Roman Empire? Probably as much as they think about whether or not to cut the mullet and how much of their essays they can write using ChatGPT without getting caught.

6. All the best friends you’ve made in the bathroom of the club

They may only be remembered through faint memories of sticky hugs and the BEST boy advice that you completely ignored but they are immortalised through TP mirror selfies. Friends for the night > friends for life.

7. Efes

It wasn’t a night out in Exeter if you didn’t end up in Efes Grill. Some nights, Efes has better scenes than the club, especially if you’ve shamefully been out on locals night. Craving an Efes kebab and of course some cheesy chips is absolutely an Exeter Roman Empire. 

8. Your deposit

I dreaded move out day on the daily in first year, mostly because it would mean saying goodbye to my friends who had become family, but also because it would mean disposing of all our glass bottles (it took a WHOLE day). For those with daddy’s money, getting their deposit back might not be given a second thought, but it’s a constant stress for those of us who know what a student budget is but not what a Schoffel is…seriously, what is that? I would say please tell me but I have a feeling no matter how hard you try to explain, my northern brain will not compute.

Now back to TikTok to look at more Taylor x Travis edits.

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