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Meet some of the Glasgow student fighters taking part in Fight Night 2023

Are you ready to rumble? Well these guys sure are!

Are you patiently waiting for the Fight Night 2023 tickets to be on sale? Because I can tell you we are.

Twice a year, the famous Glasgow Fight Night takes place. The event is black tie, all the spectators get a little too drunk, and it’s all around a great experience.

All the fighters are university students, who have been training alongside their studies to prepare for their time in the ring. Here is a list of some of the amazing fighters we will be cheering for on 13th November.

Pat ‘The Hitman’ Henderson

Pat “The Hitman” Henderson is a fourth year student. Pat decided to take part in Fight Night as: “My mate did one in Newcastle and I saw how good it was to do it, so I had to sign up for one in Glasgow”. When asked what his experience had been like so far, Pat told us it has been “a really good challenge both physically and mentally”.

We asked if he had a message for his opponent, to which Pat said: “Train as hard as you can mate, I want a really good bout in November.” I don’t know about you but I’m excited to see “The Hitman” in the ring.

Ella ‘The Unstoppable’ Gildert

Ella “The Unstoppable” Gildert is a third year politics student at The University of Glasgow. Ella’s reason for signing up was that she thought: “It would be fun to do!” So far, Ella has found her experience to be “so much fun and very hard work”, saying: “I thought I was really fit, but this is putting me through my paces”.

Lachlan ‘Lights Out’ Grey

Lachlan “Lights Out” Grey is a third year business student at the University of Glasgow. For possibly the best or worst reason, Lachlan decided to take part in this year’s Fight Night because he: “was drunk”.  Please do not follow after him, kids. So far his experience has been: “pretty fun”.

His lovely message to his opponent is: “I just wanna have a wee bit of fun”. Well I’m sure it will definitely be fun and sore…

Paul ‘The Machine’ McAllen

His lovely message to his opponent is: “I just wanna have a wee bit of fun”. Well I’m sure it will definitely be fun and sore…

Paul ‘The Machine’ McAllen

Paul “The Machine” McAllen is a fourth year business management at Glasgow Caledonian University. Paul let us know his reason for joining: “It’s always been a dream of mine to have a fight, so when I saw the opportunity I had to sign up. Now all I have to do is win.” It’s amazing that these opportunities are becoming more frequent. As for his experience so far, Paul has said: ” It’s been an incredible experience so far, in just a few short weeks, I’m already a lot fitter and boxing a lot sharper. But on top of that, I’ve managed to meet some great people too”.

It is awesome to see people gaining new friendships through their love of sports and performance! Paul’s message to his opponent would send a shiver down anyone’s spine: “Good luck Albert, November 13th you’re going to sleep in that ring.” I definitely would not want to be in the ring with this guy.

Albert ‘Yellow Thunder’ Nguyen

Albert “Yellow Thunder” Nguyen is a third year student at The University of Glasgow. Albert’s reason for signing up is that: “I wanted to improve my boxing for other sports and thought it would be good fun to leave my comfort zone and just go for it. I also signed up for it randomly thinking I wouldn’t get it lol”.

As for his message to his opponent, here’s what he had to say: “All fun and games, but the game’s the game. I crave this win so don’t expect me to be a softie. I also want 110 per cent from you, this is going to be a brutal scrap for each other, no holding back”. That definitely sounds like a warning to me.

Aoibhinn ‘The Fermanimal’ Murphy

Aoibhinn “The Fermanimal” Murphy is a fifth year dentistry student at the University of Glasgow. Aoibhinn decided to take part in Fight Night because: ” I wanted to challenge myself to a new sport and help my fitness”.

So far Aoibhinn has really been enjoying training as: “It’s been super tough in some of the sessions but I definitely feel like my fitness is improving and hopefully my technique!” as for the message for her opponent, Aoibhinn lets them know: “Actually turn up to training and give me a good fight”.  It sounds like we are in a for a show with Aoibhinn!

Alex ‘Chilli Heatwave’ Easson

Alex “Chilli Heatwave” Easson is a fourth year medical student who is new to sport. Alex said she “wanted a challenge of training for a sport that I have never done before, and I watched my friend do it last year – it was one of the best nights and I just wanted to get involved”. Alex said the training has been “brutal” but there’s a “huge feeling of accomplishment after every session”. 

Rowan ‘The Fireball’ Davidson

Rowan “The Fireball” Davidson is a fourth year student at the University of Glasgow who “wanted to try something new” before finishing university. The international relations student said the training has been “hard work but great”. She said: “This experience is something I likely won’t get the chance to do again”.

Tam Hughes

Tam Hughes, fourth year maths and stats student, sees Fight Night as “just another wee side quest to complete”. If your side quests are fighting, I’m glad mine are 4pm trips to the shops for a treat. Tam says training has been “good so far” but there’s “plenty more work to be done”. When asked if he had a message for his opponent, Hughes said “I’ll do my talking in the ring”.

Jess ‘The Reverend’ Davies

Second year student Jessica “The Reverend” Davies signed up because she “extremely drunk and thought it’d be good crack”, once again I applaud that you haven’t just ordered a takeaway or send “ily” texts to your pals at 3am. She said: “I knew I wanted to sign up but I thought it’d be later on during uni”. Jessica said the training has been giving her an adrenaline rush and she feels like she’s “getting so much stronger”.

Cat ‘The Smasher’ Smith

Cat “The Smasher” Smith is a third year nursing student whose GUSA dad forced her to sign up for Fight Night. She said: “The experience has been absolutely unreal, never been able to do as many push ups in my life. Absolutely buzzing for the 13th November!”. Cat said her opponent “better work on those push ups babe x”.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Friday) at 10am and can be bought here.

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