This is exactly what your go-to Leeds pub night says about you

RPP on a Tuesday? You’re just like other girls x

We are lucky here in Leeds to have plenty of pubs right on our doorstep. But with so many options, choosing which is your number one, your Friday night favourite, your comfort catch-up spot, can be a big decision. So, in honour of a new semester, we thought we’d let you know what your go to pub says about you…

Royal Park Pub 

More commonly known as RPP. The place to be on a Tuesday night, supplying those £2 pints. If you come here you are dedicated and hardcore – especially when braving that horrific queue.

You are a certified deal lover and probably a social butterfly because you will bump into everyone you have ever met here. If you are scared of awkward reunions, steer clear – RPP isn’t for the fainthearted.

Brudenell Social Club 

Oh trusty Brudes – you cannot go wrong here. You have it all – live music, nice outdoor area, pool tables, Pieminister and let’s not forget the double pints.

If this is your fave pub, you are versatile and a sucker for that “edgy” Leeds fit. To all others, prepare for an ambush of skinny scarfs.

Dry Dock 

You are probably a fresher or you have a soft spot for either karaoke, bingo, or getting beaten by locals in a quiz. You are probably the “let’s just go out for one” friend who inevitably drags everyone to the club.


If you are a Spoons lover you are most likely heading to the Golden Beam or Hedley Verity, the two student favourites in Leeds. You love a cheap drink and you make the most out of table service. You know exactly what you want and you like being waited on.

Your friendly Tab tip-off: On Thursday bingo nights at the Hedley Verity, there’s a gallon of mayo up for prize grabs. Don’t walk, run.

Hyde Park Pub 

Admit it, you’re a sucker for Wing Wednesdays – that tantalising 40p per wing deal can’t be said no to. With this in mind you base your drinking decisions on where you’ll also be able to get some mid-evening munch, and really, we can’t blame you.

Old Bar/ Terrace 

You love a post lecture pint or cocktail (if you’re feeling a bit fancier) to reward yourself for actually attending. If you go to Terrace on a Thursday you’re either classy or there’s a strong possibility that you live on campus.

Library Pub 

A more relaxed pub, you probably prefer a night in and a few pints with mates is enough for you. You are a laid back person yet you still are on top of all your deadlines.

Sky Rack 

One of the pricier pubs, if this is your go to you probably went on a gap yah to Thailand and found yourself then opted for a catered accommodation at uni.

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