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From chef Dave to Sefton Park: Just 15 Liverpool equivalents to the Roman Empire

Number one is obviously The Raz queue

The Roman Empire has been trending on TikTok after everyone discovered just how much it’s been living rent-free in every boy’s mind. So what do University of Liverpool students think about 24/7? From Sefton Park to the Brookie – here’s the top 15 Liverpool equivalents to the Roman Empire.

1.  The Raz queue

The Raz has been taken over by students of Liverpool, where you can’t miss the cheesy hits (or smell) that go on until 6am every Monday and Saturday. The queue is not for the weak – but we all love a challenge, right?

2. Sefton Park

When the sun comes out so do the students. This is the best chill spot for the summer months – make sure to bring snacks, drinks and music and you are set for the day.

3.  The Baa Bar stairs

If you know you know (we’ve all done it).

4.  The Brookhouse

The classic Brookie. Almost every student can be found here on Thursdays for the cheapest pints.

5.  St. Paddy’s day

This may be the best day of the uni year hands down. It is filled with Irish jigs, endless Guinness and even more baby Guinness.  The perfect day to show off your green wardrobe.

6.  Gourmet Grill

The chicken souvlaki *chef’s kiss*.

7. Formby/Crosby beach

Summer days are spent well here. An easy mistake is getting into the sea – you’ll instantly regret it. Even on the hottest days, the water still seems to be FREEZING, but the vibes are unmatched.

8. Chef Dave

Everyone has met Chef Dave by now right?

9. Scholar £2 doubles

The perfect place for a pres, and who doesn’t love a cheap night out?

10. The guild burritos

Head to the Guild if you want to experience potentially the best burrito you will ever have for only £5.

11. Having a lecture in YOKO ONO

What a privilege to have a lecture here. Boujee doesn’t even start to explain it.

12. Hatch quad vods

If you weren’t drunk already then you are now. The “I’m a mess” sign in Hatch can sum up every night spent here.

13. Getting a table in the Guild at 12pm


14. Fat Frogs

The Raz is THAT good, it makes another feature. Fat frogs are essentially every type of alcopop mixed into one cup and somehow gets you obliterated, or maybe it’s just the sugar high – who knows.

15. The Bold Street time slips

Saving the best until last, this one is all over our TikTok FYP’s. This theory consists of people being transported through time while walking along Bold Street. Most people have reported that they travelled to the 50s and 60s – or maybe they’re just drunk after a night in Concert Square.

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