Seven lies Bournemouth students tell themselves during the first term

Number eight: I will not lie

Picture this. You have started the unpacking initiation in your student accommodation, attended the open days and looked at many blogs to know what to expect for your year ahead in the university. You walk into the Poole House at Talbot Campus, and the cold wave of the first term hits you.

You tell yourself that this is your thrilling induction into university life – a time of excitement, freedom, and endless possibilities – and you expect nothing but wild adventures and nothing less than firsts. We all want to believe our pledges to “start living the best life now”, but let’s face it, folks, sometimes we get a little carried away with our fantasies. These well-intentioned fibs often lead us astray or set unrealistic expectations.

So let’s set the record straight and uncover seven common lies you will be telling yourself during your first term at Bournemouth University. Here’s your dose of reality to help you make the most of this unforgettable experience.

1. I will never procrastinate again

“I’ll start my assignments the moment they’re assigned!” you declare, only to find yourself binge-watching a series on Netflix at 3am, promising to start your paper “tomorrow”. The art of procrastination is never more finely honed than during first term.

2. I’m totally going to be a gym rat

This lie is the equivalent of the “New Year, New Me” vow. It emerges as you sign up for that shiny new gym membership. You tell yourself that you’ll be the fitness icon of your generation, working out every day. But your inner sloth reveals itself, and suddenly, the lift seems like the only viable option to reach your flat on the first floor.

3. Late-night parties and 9am class the next day? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy

Oh, the perennial promise you will make not to go out the night before. Or tell yourself that the 8:30am alarm will wake you up after the midnight rave or give you enough time to make it to that 9am lecture. But let’s face it – the allure of a cosy bed will often triumph over the prospect of waking up after that party. Or you will go to class looking like a zombie. Either way, you will tell yourself, “Not anymore”.

Embrace the lie, party people!

4. I’m going to cook all my meals and eat super healthy

First term commences with us aspiring to be Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen. You’re absolutely convinced that you’ll whip up gourmet meals or at least eat “healthy”. Yet, reality unfolds.

You find yourself considering the pros and cons of ordering Domino’s at 3am and then proceeding to do it anyway. And every morning, you reach into your bags to munch on the Tesco meal deals. Sandwiches to the rescue!

5. I am keeping my room clean, always

After unpacking and decorating your tiny space, you might pledge to keep your room as pristine as a royal palace. Fast forward a week, and it’s more like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. Just remember to occasionally take a break from the Netflix marathon to tidy up.

6. Homesick? Not me

Like Harry Potter, you will want to make your school your home. You will think that being surrounded by your friends all the time means you’ll never be homesick. Even with your versions of Ron and Hermione by your side, you will. So video call your loved ones regularly and if you feel lonely, get into your best dress and drink the night away! Here are eight pubs in Bournemouth that you could visit.

7. I will always, finally, have it all together

The lie that everyone else has their life together during first term is a common source of anxiety. Remember that everyone is navigating this new chapter with their own challenges and insecurities. It’s okay not to have all the answers right away, and asking for help or seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Embrace the quirks, laugh at the tales you spin, and remember that university life is an adventure filled with twists, turns, and the occasional delightful lie.

Cheers to first term – where the truth is often stranger than fiction!

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