A hearty list of 20 things Birmingham students think are equivalent to the Roman Empire

The Teaching and Learning stairs are on my mind every day

A TikTok trend gracing many people’s For You Pages and an idea that surprisingly is on the mind of many men more often than anyone would have thought – the Roman Empire. It’s clear from the trend that many men often picture themselves as a good Emperor Augustus, ruling the largest empire of the ancient world.

We opened the question up to students of UoB, to hear all of the things that cross their mind at least once a day… So here are 20 things that University of Birmingham students said were the equivalent to their Roman Empire.

1. The Circo queue on a Monday night

fr freshers this is with all the love in the world you will have at least two more years of Circo when you live in smelly Selly, save it for then <3

2. The Teaching and Learning stairs

Who made them like that?! These stairs have the ability to make anyone a walking ICK.

3. How old is Joe Jackson?

More importantly – does he have a day job?

4. Angels by Robbie Williams

I just want words with whoever decided this song accompanied by blinding overhead lights was the way to end the night.

5. The big five

If you know, you know.

6. What’s in the bottom of the Vale lake?

Freshers if you’re thinking of jumping in it, take this as your sign to not.

7. That one guy in the Goose on a Friday night cutting shapes on the dance floor

What a cutie.

8. Refunding the train ticket from Selly to New street

My oh my, when the barriers are open it’s a feeling which I imagine parallels winning the EuroMillions.

9. Getting a sweet treat from the 24/7 Tesco

The exquisite selection on offer in this glorious establishment is enough to risk running along Bristol Road in my pyjamas. My clubcard gets a lot of action these days.

10. The Old Joe bong theory

Failing my degree seems a bit harsh?

11. Aldi when it’s not busy

This what dreams are made of! Bignews that has to shared with all flatmates immediately.

12. The rainbow tunnel at Rosies

Picture perfect.

13. The travelator in big Saino’s (love her)

She’s beauty and she’s grace.

14. Thursday morning 9ams

They’re just silly aren’t they?

15. The old Circo loos

Why were we queueing halfway into the dance floor?

16. The ducks on campus

17. The Dilshad’s family naan

The bigger the better.

18. The tomato and mascarpone sauce from Aldi

If you don’t know, get to know!

19. Finding a reliable landlord in Selly

Waiting six weeks for a response really isn’t it. Wonder if there are any out there…

20. The pitch perfect riff off 

This lives in my mind rent free.

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