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Luke calls Porscha a ‘cheating bitch’ on Instagram rant about spin the bottle drama

I honestly didn’t think he had it in him

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight UK felt like a fever dream. The cast’s off camera game of spin the bottle has caused absolute chaos. And tensions eventually came to light at last night’s dinner party, mainly from Georges and Peggy. It’s fair to say that the intruder couples’ first night was an entertaining one.

But now, MAFS Luke and Porscha have Instagram beef. After the huge row between some of the cast about the husbands and wives kissing each other, Luke took to his Instagram Story last night in a rant, responding to Porscha’s Story where she made accusations about him. 

After he previously said on his social media he wouldn’t be talking about the rest of the cast, I was quaking in my boots to hear Luke recite how he asked Terence “Do you know your wife is a cheating bitch?”. Like, WHAT?

Luke starts the video by inserting a clip from Porshca’s Story where she claims that “there weren’t even four guys there” on the night of the spin the bottle game. He then immediately flips the camera back to himself, counting on his hands and saying that himself, Paul, Thomas and Nathanial were present. Luke then proceeds to sarcastically say “please continue” before clipping in another video of Porscha. This guy is a CapCut wizz.

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Porscha also claims on her Story that she only kissed Luke and Tom, but Luke immediately adds in that she also kissed Nathanial, as well as the girls. He doesn’t go easy on the sass either, clipping Porscha’s video right after she says “it doesn’t even matter anymore” and hitting back with “Oh, it doesn’t matter anymore? Why the fuck are you ranting then?”.

Luke then said: “You’ve definitely kissed three blokes, without your husband’s permission darling”.

Luke then said: “You’ve definitely kissed three blokes, without your husband’s permission darling”.

And then, as well as denying kissing Nathanial, Luke reveals that he did kiss Paul and Thomas during the game of spin the bottle.

via @lukeworley1 on Instagram

Accused by Porscha of telling lies to Terence, Luke hits back at his alleged “grassing up” of Porscha to Terence. Calling Terence, aka Mr Bigs, one of his closest friends in there, he justified his actions and explained that he of course would have brought up Porscha’s “cheating” behaviours to him.

He said: “Terence mate, were you aware your wife is a cheating bitch or not?”

The feud seems to end with Luke addressing Porscha’s blast at Jay who was “scissoring Rozz for a good thirty minutes”. He adds: “And that’s why they’re called the scissor sisters to be fair. Good on them.” Why do I love Luke for this?

Luke ends the video with a kiss blown to the camera and says “goodnight babes”. The attitude! I love him.

He then decided to tie things off for good with a statement, much like Porscha did, explaining that before the game started, everyone confirmed that themselves and their partners were happy to play. Every couple allegedly set boundaries with their partners and that none of these boundaries were broken during the game, but that Porshca seemingly failed to set these boundaries with Terence, choosing to play without him knowing.

“Just to add… before spin the bottle started, we asked are everyone and their partners happy with the game… everyone said yes. Every couple chose to set boundaries with their partner which were not broken. It turns out one individual failed to set any boundaries and chose to play without their husbands knowledge.”

I think it’s time we start a petition for 24 hour filming so we never miss a moment like that ever again.

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