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This is what each of the Uni of Birmingham halls would be as a pre drink, based on vibes

Aldi vodka always

From Tory towers to grotty Maple Bank, you can be sure to find students dressed up in their kitchens for pre drinks, realistically two to three times a week. Each of the halls can be defined by the vibe of the pres they host, and their choice of pre drink to go along with it. So here are all of the Uni of Birmingham halls as the pre drink to best associate them by.

Green Community: Vodka lemonade

As the most eco-friendly of the halls, they should be pre drinking out of recycled paper cups and sipping on IPAs in hippie circles. Instead, these lot go hard and go often, so their fridges are pre-lined with litres of vodka and lemonade, to accommodate just how often they’ll be hosting.

Chamberlain: Gin and tonic

Anyone who can afford to live in Chamberlain often fits their posh stereotypes and have come to uni with a more *refined* palate. That is why you will never see so many gin drinkers in one kitchen, often comparing the flavour profiles and source of their prized bottles.

Maple Bank: Dark fruits

The students picking Maple Bank come to uni for one reason and one reason only- to party. All the money they’ll be saving on their cramped kitchen halls goes directly to the sesh. That’s why you’ll see these lot with a bucket hat on their head and a Darkies in their hand, like the seasoned seshheads they are.

Mason: Vodka Coke

Accommodating over 800 students, Mason is one of the most popular choices for student halls, however according to many of those living there, it has its flaws. From the wet room that never dries, expensive rent, silverfish and a poorly laid out kitchen area. It is safe to say Mason is a popular choice, but also one of bad taste- much like the vodka Coke.

Oakbrook Park: Vodka Redbull

If you’ve ever walked through Oakbrook Park at five in the morning, it is highly likely you’ll hear music still thumping from several flats. Seriously, with these guys the afters never ends. It’s safe to say that the predrink in this accommodation would be the vodka Redbull, to keep them going to the early hours of the morning.

Oakley Court: VKs

To not get a place on the Vale is unfortunate, but to get a place in a flat with 12 other people is even more unfortunate. That is why you will see the pres starting nice and early here, keeping it light with the VKs as they make their way slowly and sadly over to the Vale to experience the real parties.

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