Here are five spooky season events happening in Glasgow this October

Get into the Halloween spirit with these autumnal events going on at the moment

As the eerie winds of October sweep across Glasgow, they usher in a month of spine-tingling thrills and ghoulish delights. Halloween, a beloved festival of the supernatural and the macabre, is just around the corner, and Glasgow is gearing up to celebrate in style. From Gothic night-time tours to wholesome evening events, Glasgow seems to have something for everyone this year.

I think it’s clear that whist Halloween is universally loved by the masses, it’s not universally loved for the same reasons. Whist some love the vibrant colours and cosy ambiance of October, others wait in anticipation for the one time of the year where it’s socially acceptable to wear that slutty outfit or indulge yourself in the horror and gore of Halloween.

Regardless of how you view Halloween, it’s only right you spend it doing something you love. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of all the best stuff to do over the Halloween season.


This year the UKs biggest Halloween event is returning to the Botanic Gardens. Between 27th October and the 12th of November, the Botanic Gardens will be transformed into a sea of epic light displays due to a supernatural dimension that’s supposedly opened up in the Botanicas.

Glasgow’s gothic walking tour

Glasgow is world famous for it’s eery streets. Encouraged by the ominous design of many buildings, Glasgow is a city rich in spooky legend and tails as old as time.

If this is your thing, for just £12 per adult you can learn all about the mysterious history of Glasgow’s streets. Including Dracula’s Scottish connections.

Regardless if this tickles your interest, it would be nice to hear some stories about the streets of Glasgow that aren’t also being discussed in a court of law or the 6pm news.

If you are interested in this family friendly event, visit Viator, Gothic Glasgow Walking tour.

 Paisley Halloween Festival

Paisley Halloween Festival is the one time of year when the whole town centre turns into a sea of colour. From fire breathers, breath taking light displays, and theme park rides; Paisley Halloween festival is a one of a time event. An event that draws in thousands from across the Glasgow area.

The festival has something for everyone, even if Halloween isn’t quite your thing, you’ll find something at the festival that’s right for you. In addition to the array of performances, displays, and rides, there is a vast range of cuisine from around the world. Making the Halloween festival not just great for lovers of Halloween, but for food enthusiasts as well.

From 26th until 28th October, this free and easily assessable event will make a great way to spend a night with friends. For more information visit their website at

Ghosts of Glasgow: Haunted outdoor escape game

In the same ballpark as Glasgow gothic tour, The Ghosts of Glasgow Outdoor Escape Game is a fun interactive game that is just right for horror and thrill seekers alike.

The event involves a smartphone lead tour where you and your friends solve clues, whist uncovering and exploring some of Glasgow’s most haunted locations – all in the dead of night. One of the best features of this tour is how vast it is. The game sprawls across George Square, Merchant City and includes a trip to The Lighthouse – a place once described as one of Glasgow’s most haunted buildings.

This is clearly an event that has been formulated for the enjoyment of lovers of the supernatural. If interested, you can call the number 20 3318 0421 to book your place for a small fee of £8.80.

Halloween drive-in movies at Strathclyde Park

A unique entertainment venue that combines the magic of the silver screen with the convenience of a car. M&Ds is hosting a drive-in movie theatre showcasing nine different movies over Halloween weekend. Not only is this an enjoyable way to spend an evening with friends. It can also make a romantic date night under the stars for you and your partner.

Overall, a trip M&Ds outdoor movie theatre will offer a fun and memorable evening that’s different from the tired out fancy dress competitions and bobbing for apples. It’s a great way to enjoy a film in a relaxed and social setting.

There are screenings from the 28th to the 30th of October, and you can visit M&Ds website for more information.

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