‘I found a rat in my bed’: Notts students share their craziest stories from Freshers’ 2023

Here’s to many more wild moments this year

It’s that time of year again when we’re all feeling a little worse for wear after a crazy  Freshers’ Week. Now, in a time of healing and rejuvenation as academia rears its ugly head and some of you are still feeling a bit fuzzy from last week’s Crisis, it’s time to face the hang-xiety head-on. Innocence has been lost and I’m sure bad decisions were made, but that’s what we’re here for.

We’ve asked for all of your craziest Freshers’ stories and we had some pretty crazy replies. The last two weeks have certainly been a wild ride for some this year so sit back, enjoy and remember these crazy stories, it’ll be your baseline for next year:

‘Peeing in a bush outside the Trent Building’

Nice try but unfortunately it doesn’t quite make the cut. Nothing about this is crazy or wild, I’ve seen people do this sober.

‘I found the love of my life in Ocean’

This poor soul thought that they had found the love of their life in Ocean. How wrong were they. Even forgot to exchange details. So babes, that ship has sailed, maybe next time try Crisis.

‘Egging Dagfa’

A necessary evil don’t get me wrong, however, it has gradually become a tradition. So thank you for fulfilling the yearly ritual but nothing too crazy to see here.

‘Going for a late night swim in the campus fountains’

Now that’s a good effort, sometimes after a heavy night at Quids In, nothing beats a quick shower to wash off the stench of Pryzm and hopping in a campus fountain is an inventive way to do it.

‘Trying to get in the wrong house on the wrong road in the triangle’

Now this is definitely a returner story so fair play. Freshers’ Week must have hit you hard to get you into this state. To be honest, all of those houses look the same on a sober day time let alone after a wild night in Crisis dressed as a pea but for sure, very embarrassing.

‘Fell in a bin outside McDonalds trying to escape a Trent boy’

Hats off to you girl, anything to get away, so we’ll give you a bonus point added here just for the commitment to getting away from him. But in all seriousness, this one is pretty good.

‘Getting with identical twins and thinking they were the same person’ 

This one is so awkward. This person clearly has a very specific type but maybe if you’re an identical twin on a night out, don’t wear the same outfit. Just a suggestion.

‘Finding a dead rat in my bed after a night out’

I think I would simply pass away if this happened to me, so thoughts and prayers to whoever was victim of this one. I know a rat is often a term that has been used to describe the Trent boy laying in your bed after a night in Ocean but this one was a literal rat.

‘I got peed on in the drinks queue in Rock City’

Picture this, a fuzzy fresher having the time of her life, helplessly getting another drink only to feel urine on their leg. Imagine the shock when they turned around to see someone had whipped it out and decided to get two jobs done at once, get another drink and relieve one’s bladder. I hope you threw those cargo trousers away girly.

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