Which meal deal should you get and why, based on your first-year accommodation?

Bristol needs to get a meal deal society asap

You can learn everything you need to know about a Bristol student through two vital pieces of information: Their first-year accommodation, and their meal deal of choice. As a self-certified meal deal connoisseur, I have assigned first-year halls as meal deals based purely off vibes and vibes alone. Please don’t be offended these are very stereotype-heavy (sorry Wills).


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As Lakota’s biggest fans, Badock residents will undoubtedly need a coffee and being catered means that, unlike the rest of us, their diet does not consist of exclusively pasta so they are not absolutely sick of it yet. A fruit pot to counteract everything else they put in their bodies because health is wealth!


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Churchill is home to some of the most extreme Bristol girlies about, who undoubtedly would sell their kidney for anything with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Tony’s and a cloudy apple juice are great choices but do give daddy’s money vibes (rumour has it Churchill is the new Wills?).


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We all saw this coming, but as an ex-Durdhamee, I am here to officially say the rumours are true and Durdham is a ghost town most of the time. However, I am de-bunking the deadham reputation, as the residents are super fun and amazing (definitely not biased at all).


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Wills Hall residents have jumped straight off the bus from boarding school into North Village, and seem to be in their own Hogwarts-like world. As the humble £3.50 meal deal will be far too common for them, the average Wills resident is opting for the five-pound upgraded one. They have to include a graze box to remind them of snacks from Waitrose of course.

Hiatt Baker

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The Hiatt girlie may be basic, but basic is basic for a reason – it works. Everyone and their third cousin seems to have gone to Hiatt but they seem to have a good time, and we are all jealous of their prime location by the U1 bus stop.

University Halls

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The residents of UH (unfairly known to be a shithole) will be among the nicest you will ever meet in your first year of university. This doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t pop off on a night out, and the building itself is certainly unique.


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Those who spend their first year of uni at Brunel will need something that counteracts all the 4 for £6 jaegers, with OMG dangerously close. Those post-OMG hangovers are bad enough without having to fight for your life up Park Street to get to uni.


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Unite House gives mixed signals as there’s lots going on but also gives the most basic Bristol student energy. You could say it’s the Hiatt Baker of city centre accommodations; Unite students will be opting for an equally basic meal deal. Sorry Unite, nothing special to see here.


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The wannabe influencers staying at Riverside will go crazy for this plant-based meal deal, taking the words and actions of Olivia Neill as gospel. Those at Riverside will think of a night out as going to King Street, taking their Be Real and then calling it a night.


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Goldney is kind of a knock-off Wills; it’s undeniably aesthetically pleasing but it doesn’t quite hit the same. Situated right next to Constitution Hill, these freshers are probably never leaving their halls meaning they are probably a bit feral. They also give the vibe that they would have no shame eating tuna in a library.

Orchard Heights

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Orchard Heights residents are in the absolute trenches with horror stories galore, as well as a literal rat infestation. Here, the crustiest of the first-year bunch will of course opt for a cheese and onion sandwich, maybe even making that pickled onion to pay homage to its pickled furry friend from last year.

Hillside Woodside

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The funky name is all Hillside Woodside really has going for it. These students will absolutely need all the energy they can get as I am convinced the only reason someone would choose to stay this far from campus is to tell their future children the tales of their voyage to school.

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