Here’s where the Sex Education season four characters would sit in the Lancaster Uni library

Look out for the iconic Otis Milburn red and blue coat floating around on B Floor

Well, what a rollercoaster the final season of Sex Education was. On top of missing some of our favourite characters, such as Lily, Ola, Rahim, Olivia, and Anwar, we also lost all hope for an Otis and Maeve endgame. But, I suppose the writers got it right for Adam at least, with his deserved happy ending.

Based on how seriously the majority of the characters took their exams, we doubt most of them would actually achieve the grades to get into Lancaster, but if they hypothetically did, then here’s where you’d see them sitting around the library.


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It’s safe to say that Otis would be in the library 24/7. If not hiring a room out to run his infamous sex clinic, then he would be sat in the B floor silent reading room for hours. We imagine if Otis made it to uni, his revision style would be procrastination… think Will from The Inbetweeners. He would choose a seat with a perfect view out the window, a Costa coffee, textbooks laid out, laptop fully charged, noise cancelling headphones, but still get absolutely no work done.


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Wherever Eric would chose to sit in the library, he would distract everyone. Let’s face it, everyone seems to know everyone in Lancaster, and Eric would definitely not be an exception to that. The library would be his place to catch up, gossip, and just have a laugh with his big circle of friends. In terms of where he’d be sat, we think he would favour the plant wall on A floor.


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Maeve would find a recluse spot in the library. She would probably prefer somewhere quieter, with fewer people, but we could see her in an enclosed study space where she can be left alone. Maeve would obviously study English Lit with Creative Writing, and would read everything in the library before she completed any seminar activities.


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If Ruby were a Lancs student, she would take over one of the group study spaces, making it entirely her own study room. It would be redecorated pink, and everyone would know they wouldn’t be able to go in. Hopefully, Olivia and Anwar would follow Ruby to Lancaster, and they would be the only people that Ruby would allow to work in there unless Otis gets back on her good side.


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When Aimee isn’t working on the Sweet Escape stall, she is sitting by Norma. We don’t think that Aimee would be in the library much, but when she is, she would appreciate the social side of the library far more than the academic side. That’s why A floor by the tree would be perfect for Aimee to socialise, yet hopefully get some work done in a more chilled environment.


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After watching season four, it’s safe to say that Isaac would be sat with Amy by the tree. This may be an unpopular opinion but we were really starting to ship Aimee and Isaac, maybe not on a “Mr Hendricks and Miss Sands level” (we miss them), but they were cute.


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Jackson wouldn’t be a regular in the library. Instead, he would pull an all-nighter in there once or twice a term when he had a deadline. He would probably just sit wherever was free, maybe on the seats with computers, as he wouldn’t have shown up particularly prepared.


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On the other hand, Viv would be in the library all the time. We see her appreciating silence whilst she works, so C floor is the pretty obvious choice. She would favour a night in the library getting weeks ahead with her reading, over a night out.


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We don’t think Cal would be too keen on the library, and would rather spend time doing lectures outside. If they really needed to get some work done, they might sit in the booth seats on floors B or C, as they seem more private and chilled, which Cal would appreciate.


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We all know Adam would never enter the library, the end.

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