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An unofficial list of the top 10 iconic Bournemouth BeReal moments we’ve all taken

Bournemouth, are you ready to BeReal?

Gone are the gorgeous summer BeReals of music festivals and sunbathing. A new academic year means a new year of BeReal exposing missed lectures, drunken adventures and tears over assignments.

Whether you’re always on time, or are a chronically late poster, here are 10 BeReals every Bournemouth Uni student has posted.

1. The beach BeReal

It’s a scientific fact that every fresher posts a beach BeReal within the first two weeks to flex to their friends from home that they live five minutes from the beach.

2. The Fusion BeReal

Fusion is easily one of the cuter buildings on Talbot campus (not that there’s much competition), and makes for a great background for your photos.

3. The lecture BeReal

There’s nothing that bonds students quite like seeing six phones being pulled out mid lecture to make sure they post on time.

4. The library BeReal

Hard at work or hardly working? Only one sentence has been written in the three hour library visit, but your followers don’t need to know that. If they’re under the impression you’re an academic beast, that’s on them.

5. The studying BeReal

These are posted to prove to your mum you’re actually doing work and not spending all your time in Spoons. And yes, studying a single clip from The Hunger Games is super hard work.

6. The waiting for the bus BeReal

The buses don’t take that long, but it feels like centuries when every bus except the one you need drives by. Seriously, since when are there so many 5s and 13s?

7. The Spoons BeReal

Pres? Spoons. Feeling down? Spoons. Assignment due the next day that you haven’t started? Spoons.

The amount of BeReals I’ve taken in The Moon in the Square is highly concerning.

8. The flat/house pres BeReal

Drinking drinks that are 99 per cent vodka and one per cent mixer because you’re too broke to afford Cameo prices.

9. The club BeReal

Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough for BeReal to go off on your night out and even luckier to actually notice it. They seem great in the moment until you look back in the morning to a blurry reminder of your night in lollipop.

10. The hungover BeReal

Whether you’re waking up at 4pm and trekking to Asda for McDonalds or projectile vomiting over your toilet, you know BeReal will always be there to capture your finest moments.

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