Just 10 iconic BeReal moments every Leeds Uni student has taken

At this stage the Brotherton library pic is a rite of passage

From Hyde Park sunsets to Parkinson step fits, Leeds Uni students certainly love to snap a pic – and BeReal is no exception.

With the once-a-day photo sharing app back for a second wave, we thought: What better time to share the top 10 iconic BeReals every Leeds student has taken? Exactly. Here we go…

Brotherton Library

The crème de la crème of Leeds BeReals. Home friends think you’re studying at the coolest university library ever created and uni mates see you for the centre-circle-braving main character you are. On the downside, snapping a shot here always comes with an element of danger – if you’ve forgotten to switch onto silent, you know that awful camera shutter sound is ECHOING.

Hyde Park…

The nicer Hyde Park of the two, we’ve all stopped to take a BeReal on our way to and from campus.  You’ve really hit gold if the notification has gone off in the evening – the sunsets here are something special.

…and Hyde Park

From Hyde Park to Hyde Park, there’s not a lot in common between the two aside from the shared name. Any BeReals captured here tend to encompass the lovely local scenery – row after row of cage doors, weed-infested pavements, overflowing rubbish and even the occasional friendly rat. Charming.

Otley Run

No Leeds student leaves the city without completing at least one Otley Run – the famous pub crawl from Woodies to Dry Dock – and for this BeReal, the costumes take centre stage. You can give yourself a point for every person you manage to fit in the picture – the most we’ve seen is 15, so there’s your challenge!

Eddy B

Let’s face it, all people do in Eddy B is scroll on their phones, so it’d be pretty hard to miss the BeReal notification going off. There’s nowhere to hide in this library, so you’ve definitely managed to catch half of the Leeds student population in the background, though with so many skinny scarves and fur coats, it’d be hard to tell who’s who.

Leeds Student Medical Practice

Perhaps a little more niche, any BeReal taken in LSMP tends to reflect the photographer’s feelings at being there. See exhibit A, above.

Kirkstall Aldi

There’s nothing quite like a pre-Aldi shop snap to romanticise the half an hour of aisle-trawling that everyone knows is bound to ensue. Special credit if said picture includes any combination of an oversized jumper, joggers and sliders.

The ‘Bacon’ statue

Do you even go to Leeds if you haven’t got at least one picture of the fondly named “bacon” statue in your BeReal library? Didn’t think so.

Roger Stevens lecture theatre

In the time you spend waiting for everyone to filter through the ridiculously small doors of the Rogers Stevens lecture theatres, you could probably upload 20 BeReals, never mind one. Getting the right angle, which captures the screen and your friends and misses the awkward stares of the people in the row behind you however, is a trick that takes a few attempts to master, so we’ll forgive you if you haven’t managed to bag a pic just yet.

Corn Exchange