Sorry but if you’ve done any of these 13 things, you’re a lazy Lancaster student

It’s okay, we all do them

So it’s week two, and you’re already exhausted. You promised yourself you were going to get up at 6am every day, go to the gym before your 9ams and meal prep your food for the week on a Sunday night. That lasted about three days, and now you can feel yourself falling back into your habits from the previous year, which you swore wouldn’t happen. So much for new year, new you.

It’s okay, we get you. Uni is hard, and we all like to be a little lazy some of the time. This is a safe space. That being said if you do everything on this list, maybe you should try harder…

1. Queued for breakfast from Greggs

We love a Greggs brekkie at Lancaster. You stayed in bed too long, trying to find the courage to make your 9am, but with the time you’re spending in the Greggs queue, you could’ve made some toast and eaten it as you pulled your shoes on.

2. Got the bus from the Sports Centre to the Underpass

This isn’t for the people who have a genuine reason to get the bus up the hill. This is for the guys and gals who find even after arm day, sometimes there’s no worse thought than climbing the hill to the main campus. When you’ve just showered at the gym, you don’t want to get sweaty again, but catching the bus for 30 seconds can easily become a habit.

3. Ordered from Sultans instead of collecting it

We all love a cheeky Sultans, but when it’s raining outside and it feels like minus 10 degrees, no one loves Sultans enough to collect it. Why walk outside in your slides and pyjamas when you could keep them on inside?

4. Got on the 100 rather than wait for another bus

When you’re at Common Garden Street and a 100 pulls up, if you get on it rather than wait five minutes for the 1a, then you’re definitely a lazy Lancs student. Yes, the warmth of the 100 is nice, but you definitely regret it when you’re travelling through the depths of Bowerham.

5. Ordered a Tesco ‘Whoosh’ delivery

Can’t find the energy to go to Aldi, but ran out of the essentials? Tesco Express saves the day, delivering all the essentials to allow you to put off your big shop for another few days!

6. Alternatively, do your shopping at Spar

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford this, then please share your secrets.

7. Gone to Flames just to avoid queuing for Maccies

After a night in Sugar, the last thing you want to do is to queue for 20 minutes for a Big Mac. This is where Flames comes to the rescue, serving some of the best curly fries in Lancaster.

8. Picked your campus accommodation based on location

Did you try to strategically plan what college you picked in proximity to where your department is situated? Unless you got very lucky, you probably still had to make a trek from County Main to Management School.

9. Napped in the library

Being a student is hard. You went to the library with the hopes of doing work, but those booths are too comfy to be able to work in. Sleep consumed you, and you woke up just in time for your next lecture.

10. Seen the state of the bus queue and go home

Honestly, it’s not worth trying to make it to your 10am when the queue stretches all the way down Bowerham Road. You might as well turn back.

11. Bought new clothes instead of doing laundry

Honestly, it’s cheaper to buy new socks and pants than to pay for Circuit Laundry every week.

12. Done your work from your bed

Working from your bed definitely increases productivity, right?

13. Been late to a lecture because you stopped for a sweet treat

Getting from Bowland North to the Fylde lecture theatres is a hike, and you were probably going to be late anyway. You might as well make the horror of walking in late worth it with a little snack from Greggs, Spar or Juicafe!

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