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Seven BeReals that every Manchester university student has taken

It’s time to BeReal

Whether you’re the consistent daily poster, rushing into the kitchen as the two minute timer ticks, or you find yourself in the background of your friend’s fourth retake at pres, BeReal is an app that no student can avoid.

Its daily and unavoidable notifications make it impossible to ignore. I’ve compiled a list of seven BeReals that every Manchester student has taken at some point over the course of their time here.

Selfie with Mo
No Manchester night out is complete without a 3am deep conversation with none other than Fallowfield’s favourite chicken shop owner, Mo. We all have that one friend that’s saved their BeReal to be taken by the man himself, proving to everyone just how close they really are with him.

Oakhouse PresNo Manchester University experience is complete without the endless nights of would you rather and ring of fire in an Oak House kitchen surrounded by black mould and empty bottles.

Soundtracked to a wannabe Soundcloud DnB DJ showing off his new decks that daddy bought as a present for leaving home, this marks the perfect pres BeReal, encapsulating student life in a nutshell.

Warehouse Project

Every fresher that has spent their weekly shopping budget on a Warehouse Project ticket will agree that the wobbly kneed, very blurry Warehouse Project BeReal is a classic.

With the commitment of drinking from five for a 7pm entry, the justification for this holy Manchester night out is through informing everyone at home, via BeReal, that you do in fact listen to drum and bass and have really seen Shy FX live.

In the 256 queue

Despite 256 being harder to get into than uni itself, this Fallowfield staple has been the Mecca of all Manny BeReal feeds across a Tuesday and Wednesday night. With students grasping at hidden bottles of vodka for the hour long queue and tighter security and bouncers than the UK border, it seems a BeReal in the queue is the proof Manchester students need to remind that this night is worth it – especially when they wake up with no recollection of this in the morning!

Hungover in bed (bonus points if there’s a stranger next to you…)

There is nothing more humbling than a morning BeReal alert- especially when you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be. But, it is a good way to let your friends know you survived the night out and are (barely) living to tell the tale.

Proving you study

The ongoing Ali G vs Main Library debate continues. Over BeReal, students try to prove (typically with a brave face having woken up at 12pm after a night of Jägers and squadka) that they do in fact leave Fallowfield every so often to open their laptop and study.

On the magic Bus