Eight alternative spaces to study that have more vibes than the ASS

Why are you reading this and not your seminar prep?

It’s that time of year again when Bristol students make the empty promise to become academic weapons. “This year will be different,” they say with full conviction. With the craziness of the first few weeks behind us, the best students have already started speaking in seminars and getting through a whole week without missing a lecture.

If you want to get that first without becoming a victim of “library air”, that musty, crusty feeling when studying in a uni library that makes even solid tens look mid, then try one of these hand-picked locations off-campus to really get your study on.

1. Parsons Bakery

Famous for their affordable menu, this café is a staple location for Bristol students on a budget. Not only is it basically located on campus, they also run a reasonably priced meal deal and have upstairs seating which is usually quiet. If the sun decides to shine again then you can also take advantage of their outdoor seating.

2. Pret

If you’re a true Bristol student you probably already have a subscription to Pret. The free daily coffee (which isn’t really free) will motivate you to be productive and get the most out of that £25 subscription. Being located opposite the Wills Memorial Building is also convenient, making it easy to fit a study session in between lectures.

3. Café Nero

With two locations within walking distance of the uni, Café Nero is a go-to for students looking to switch up their study location. If there are no seats available in Beacon House, hop across the road and indulge in your seminar reading surrounded by Italian coffee.

This is a great option for students living in Stoke Bishop as you can literally see the bus stop through the window.

4. Bakesmiths

Located on Whiteladies Road just a few doors down from the W.G. Grace, Bakesmiths is a prime location if you want to feel like you’re an aesthetic study influencer. This café is not only pretty but has two floors where you can work. They also have a great range of sandwiches and cakes which, despite being quite pricey, are a reason in themselves to come and revise if you want to treat yourself after attending your 9am.

5. Society Café

5. Society Café

6. The Cloakroom Café

Located at the bottom of Woodland Road, this smaller café is a good option if you’re looking to study solo. It’s only a two minute walk from the Queens Library which means it’s a great place to go if you’re getting bored of your surroundings. This one is also perfect for lazy students who don’t want to walk all the way up to uni.

7. 1B Pitville

Cotham and Redland residents walk past this café daily on their way to Clifton Down Sainsbury’s. The peaceful 1B Pitville has a friendly atmosphere where you can stop to catch up on any last-minute reading- that’s if you’re not too busy raiding the charity shop opposite.

8. Boston Tea Party

This chain has locations on Whiteladies Road and Park Street- there are two of them for a reason. Not only is it a more interesting place to work, but it has an amazing menu if you’re looking to reward yourself after a long day (one hour of uni work).

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