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Here are our top five tips for ditching Freshers’ Flu at Cardiff Uni

Time to swap the VK for herbal tea

The excitement of the Freshers’ period has drawn to a close, and dance floor has been largely replaced with lecture halls. No doubt you’re now beginning to erupt in coughing fits as you stumble into your seminar or drag yourself to the library, as it’s time for the annual return of Freshers’ Flu.

Whether a tickly cough, loss of voice, or blocked nose, Freshers’ Flu takes us all by storm, and it is not afraid to make life that bit harder. So, here are our top tips for ditching that pesky Freshers’ Flu.

1. Vitamins and natural remedies

It’s smart to stock up on vitamins, particularly Vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system and fight off all those germs you may have picked up during those cheeky nights spent out in The Diff. Another sensible approach is ditching the VKs for a mug of herbal tea as it will soothe that hoarse voice just in time for you to scream your head off at Yoloween.

2. Healthy diet 

For many of us, it wouldn’t be uni without alcohol and post-club Maccies; however, it is also vital to prioritise a healthy diet so you can overcome Freshers’ Flu. Yes, it’s time to put the cookbook you were gifted before departing to uni into use. The nutrients in a good home-cooked meal will fight off this ghastly ailment as well as impress your flatmates with a meal Gordon Ramsay himself would be proud of. No idiot sandwiches here.

3. Sleep

Any student can fall into the temptation of going out, especially with the alarm of FOMO. However, prioritising a good sleep schedule is super important whilst suffering from Freshers’ Flu. Sleep can help rejuvenate and maintain your physical health as well as avoid the possibility of falling asleep in lectures, something we are all prone to.

4. Liquids

Drinking water and staying hydrated is key, so you want to have a good daily fluid intake. This is especially good to note if you’ve been drinking alcohol. Take a break from the vodka Red Bull and bring in something to hydrate and soothe your body. This could be in the form of hot squash, perhaps.

5. Abstain from kissing

You read that right. The autumn semester is an exciting way to meet new people and this can mean sharing a few intimate moments, but with that comes the inevitability of sharing germs. It is important to be sensible when venturing into such acts and perhaps staying clear until Freshers’ Flu is but a distant memory. After all, you want to swap numbers, not diseases.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be back in Liveys in no time.