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How to actually enjoy YOLO and Juice, according to third year Cardiff Uni students

You either love the SU or you hate it, so here’s how to make sure you love it every time

Freshers dressed as Minions, VK vending machines and the iconic Silent Disco; there’s no place quite like the Cardiff SU on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Whether you’re dressing up as Brits abroad with your society, or heading out with your housemates following a good few rounds of Ring of Fire, it’s a staple of student life. However, whether you have the best night of your life or end up at T&A’s by 11pm really depends on how you go about your night.

So here are our top tips for actually enjoying YOLO/Juice from people who have spent far too many nights in the SU.

Step one: Ask yourself: Have you got anything important on the next day?

Nothing is worse than not being able to enjoy yourself because you’re constantly thinking about that 9am next-morning lecture, or training, quickly creeping closer every hour. Just make sure to leave a couple of pints of water by your bed before you go out to avoid that morning hangover feeling. You may pass out with last night’s makeup on and unbrushed teeth but as long you rehydrate you stand some chance at functioning the next day.

Step two: Beat the queue by arriving at a ridiculously early time

This one is particularly true for YOLO.

Nothing ruins your night more than arriving only to be told the wait is over an hour, and (for those patient enough to stay) having to contain your rage watching people hop the queue. There’s nothing worse than feeling yourself sobering up by the minute as you stand on Park Place, as everyone knows, the SU sober is fun for nobody.

Step three: Find the shortest queue for the toilets

If you’re fortunate enough to have survived the queue and have pushed your bladder to its limits, be prepared for another half hour wait for the toilets. Avoid the toilets by the spiral stairs, and go straight to the ones by the entrance for silent disco; they’re often much shorter, especially at the start of the evening.

Step four: Secure a drink

Depending on how much you’ve sobered up in the queue, either grab something strong or, if you’re already at a good level, get a VK to keep the energy going as it won’t take you to a level whether you’re getting escorted out by security. The Orange and Passionfruit VK is the holy grail on a night out at the SU.

Step five: Dance, dance, dance

Enjoy your night and remember if you’ve come with a big group of people; avoid the trap of trying to stay with everyone all night. If there’s a lot of you, chances are people will wander off, and if you’re not careful you’ll spend the whole night trying to track everyone down, rather than enjoying yourself.

Step six: Stay away from rugby boys

Enough said.

Step seven: Quit while you’re ahead

Don’t feel like you have to stay until Angels at 3am. If you’re ready to go, leave while you’re on a high and don’t forget to grab a T&A’s on the way home so you don’t wake up the next morning telling your unsympathetic housemates “I’m never drinking again”.

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