It’s official: This is which Strictly pro you would be paired with based on your college!

Trying not to put Giovanni for my college just because he is gorgeous

It’s that time of the year when we all need to put on our dancing shoes, bring out that glitterball, and get ready for Strictly Come Dancing! The professional dancers are fab-u-lous at creating various routines for their celebrity partners. Each Strictly pro brings their own style, flare, and passion to the dancefloor but which professional would be best for you, based on your college? We didn’t quick-step to any conclusions with these pairings, so enjoy.

Bowland College – Karen Hauer

At the centre of campus is Bowland, and being one of the first-built colleges, it’s only fitting that you’re paired with the longest-serving professional, Karen Hauer. She’s bold, charismatic, and determined when creating routines. Karen has grown throughout her years on the show and is always keen on pushing her partner to the best of their potential. Being paired with Karen wouldn’t be a disaster, darling.

Lonsdale College – Dianne Buswell

As one of the furthest colleges from the centre of campus, if you’re a member of Lonsdale, you have no time to waltz to lectures. Your commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm to travel around campus, as well as maintain the college spirit can only mean that your Strictly pro would be Dianne Buswell. Coming from down under, Dianne can relate to living far away and she would always brighten up The Red Lion with her smile and hair in this partnership.

Pendle College – Nancy Xu Xi

Pendle students are kind, friendly, and passionate. The Strictly professional who would encourage you to embody these amazing traits is Nancy Xu Xi. She’s committed and would always be a fantastic partner to socialise with at Pendle Brew.

Cartmel College – Giovanni Pernice

If you’re from Cartmel, you also live far away from the centre of campus, so outbursts of spontaneity and excitement for travelling around campus will always help make the journey faster. For this reason, your Strictly professional partner could only be Giovanni Pernice. Being paired with Giovanni would ensure that you would never fail to light up the dance floor and would match how driven Cartmel is as a college. From day one you would spend many hours practising routines in Barkers’ because it’s never too early to receive a 10 from Shirley.

County College – Johannes Radebe

County members know that although you can be calm and collected, you’re fearless and this can only mean that your strictly professional partner would be Johannes Radebe. Since being on the show, Johannes has constantly created routines that display emotion and leave the audience in awe.

Bean the Duck would not find this partnership quackers.

Fylde College – Gorka Marquez

Being known as the sporty college, Gorka is the perfect partner for Fylde students. Members of Fylde are typically ambitious, hard-working, and very focused on specific goals, not just the ones you would watch in Fylde Bar. Gorka fits in perfectly with Fylde, as he emulates his passion for dance by focusing on specific details. This would make your partnership one to watch out for.

Graduate College – Jowita Przystal

If you live in Graduate College, then you already understand the amazing feeling of success when you complete your undergraduate degree. There’s no better professional dancer to pair you with other than Jowita Przystal, the current reigning champion of Strictly. Jowita is flamboyant, driven, and passionate about continuing her journey as champion, with a unique eye for detail. This partnership would always be ready to tan-go to the dancefloor and receive outstanding scores.

Furness College – Kai Widdrington

Patient and devoted to representing your college, there is only one pro who would perfectly compliment this vibe, and that is Kai. Although he’s only been on Strictly for a few years, he has repeatedly shown his charm, consideration, and kindness. Trevor may be jealous, but being paired with Kai would enable you to show your graciousness across the dance floor.

Grizedale College – Nikita Kuzmin

Grizedale is known for being a popular girlie. Although it’s the youngest undergraduate college, this doesn’t mean you should be underestimated. Therefore, you would be best suited to be paired with Nikita Kuzmin. Nikita can relate to being the youngest member on the show but he’d be an incredible friend to share those two-for-one cocktails with at Grizedale bar and also help host the best townhouse parties.