We asked Cardiff students about their biggest flatmate fails

From hairballs to kitchen fires, Cardiff is home to some of funniest flatmate fails

Sharing a flat with others with the new found freedom of living away from home can often cause a few dismal situations. So, The Cardiff Tab asked Cardiff students about any unusual situations they’ve have had with their flatmates. 

Eggs-actly what not to do in halls

Cardiff is no stranger to egging. It happens all the time, particularly close to Halloween, with people’s cars and windows being the usual targets. However, according to a Cardiff student in Roy Jenkins, their flatmate was so plastered they decided to egg their kitchen. This flatmate also decided that they were not going to clean up the egg disaster, so for a week until the cleaners arrived, the eggs sat there, rotting, and no doubt creating a less than delightful aroma.

Can you smell that?

A common flatmate fail in first year is mistakenly tripping the fire alarms; however, for one particular student in Cartwright Court, this fire alarm was the real deal. This flatmate decided to leave her breakfast on the hob and finish getting ready for the day. While getting ready, a traffic sign (a stolen relic from a few nights beforehand) which was hanging above the stove, fell onto the hot hob. This, somewhat inevitably, lead to a smoky and fiery morning for the accommodation’s residents. 







Anyone for beans?

Beans on toast are an easy go to meal most students enjoy. However, one flatmate in Senghennydd Court decided to make theirs with a perhaps not so sensible method, after coming back from a night out. Despite supposedly working as a chef during their gap year, this flatmate put a whole tin of baked beans in the microwave.

Yes, the actual tin. 

Unsurprisingly, the microwave produced what resembled a fireworks display inside. The student then noticed the sparks, took the beans out, realised the beans were still cold and put the metal tin of beans back in the microwave. Well done, chef.

Watch where you eat

Most tenants have had the awkward experience of hearing flatmates bring someone home after a night out. However, one poor tenant of Cardiff halls had to hear their flatmate bring someone into not their room, but into the kitchen. And, when it then got frisky, it was unbeknownst to them that the whole flat could hear everything, including the dirty talk.

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