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Edinburgh’s best student brunch spots

For those Sunday morning debriefs

It’s officially autumn and brunch season is well and truly upon us. We all need a go-to spot for comfort food (to cure our venom-induced hangovers) and I’ve created a list of the best Edi has to offer:

1. Seeds For the Soul

For all our vegan friends (or flexitarians), Seeds for the Soul is the perfect destination for a tasty and wholesome brunch right in the heart of Bruntsfield. It’s proud to be 100% vegan – but don’t worry, you will definitely not be missing out on anything.

The peach and custard pancakes were amazing, but I did feel like I was eating a whole dessert at 11am (I have no complaints, if this was more socially acceptable I’d do it every day).

Seed for the Soul’s vegan take on eggs benedict also went down a treat: the ‘eggs’ were crazily realistic. How they make it vegan is still a mystery to me.

Don’t pass on their drinks menu either – the smoothies here are amazing and give you a much-needed energy boost, especially if you are trying to banish your hangover.

My ultimate favourite is their good morning coffee-lovers, which is a smoothie-milkshake-coffee hybrid (bear with me, I promise it’s delicious). Caffeine and one of your five a day all in one glass – all the student really needs.

2.Salt Café

Salt Café in Morningside is a firm favourite, and it came very highly recommended by pretty much everyone I asked. If you’re looking for a solid full Scottish brekky, look no further. They do a great breakfast that went down very well with my carnivorous friends, although some haggis wouldn’t have gone amiss.

They also do a great boozy brunch, which gets lots of extra points from me. If you fancy a cheeky cocktail with your meal, the espresso martinis really hit the spot and if you’re having a hungover brunch the morning after a heavy Subway session, think of it as hair of the dog.

But if you can’t face that, go for the trusty pumpkin spiced latte. Salt Café’s take on our beloved autumn beverage gets a big thumbs up from me – I may be slightly obsessed.

3. The Edinburgh Larder

But if you can’t face that, go for the trusty pumpkin spiced latte. Salt Café’s take on our beloved autumn beverage gets a big thumbs up from me – I may be slightly obsessed.

3. The Edinburgh Larder

They do a show-stopping Scottish breakfast, including an equally amazing veggie version, which might I add was not lacking in haggis, vegetarian or otherwise. The star of the Larder’s show was the hash: crispy fried potatoes, smoked haddock, chorizo, spinach, signature sauce and a poached egg, all seasoned to perfection.

There is  no shortage of vegan and veggie options here as well: the autumn special was creamy oat milk porridge with stewed apples, sultanas and hazelnuts. It was basically autumn in a bowl.

4. The Edinburgh Coffee Lounge

The Edinburgh coffee lounge is the perfect (and very Instagrammable) location for a wholesome brunch. The interior is gorgeous and right now, it’s giving the ultimate seasonal vibes. The cinnamon buns are unbeatable but if you prefer a savoury brunch, the eggs benedict and the full Scottish breakfast are next level.

Don’t worry – the vegetarian breakfast is equally tasty.

As a Starbies veteran I find this hard to write, but I must include another honourable mention to the coffee lounge’s PSL which always curves my caffeine cravings after that four pm seminar. In fact, it makes me want to slip into my Tasman Uggs and comically oversized scarf and grab one right now.

5. Southpour

If you’re looking for a brunch bargain, you are in the right place. Students get 20% off all food in Southpour, so brunching there is very cost-effective. If you’re wanting to upgrade to a boozy brunch, they also have a great range of five pound cocktails.

The pancakes are a must-have and the berry compote was a personal fave of mine. Southpour delivers another great take on the full Scottish breakfast but if you’re after something a bit lighter, the coconut yoghurt, fruit and granola bowl is the perfect choice.