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Here are the six best ways a Warwick Uni student can cure their hangover

Speaking, sadly, from experience

As any Warwick Uni student would agree, it’s easy to get carried away with circling or Smack. But we have to be careful – there’s nothing worse than waking up in a cold sweat and a pounding headache in the middle of the night. Or having your throat feel as dry as sand. Or having to sleep in and missing half your Thursday lectures.

But it’s bound to happen, isn’t it? Purple just tastes so good – before you know it, you’re on the road to hanging over already. So, it’s vital to remember that there are solutions to this predicament – there are, believe it or not, various hangover cures that will get you through your day. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to recommend six foolproof methods to fix your hangover that are tailored towards every single Warwick University student out there. Here they are:

Drink a ton of Lucozade

This works like magic. That, or I’ve been thoroughly fooled by the placebo effect. Either way, downing Lucozade before and after you sleep will be a sure fix to curing that dreaded headache of yours. Something about the glucose and hydration in your body? It makes sense, trust me. Ask your nearest biomed or sweaty STEM student for the details. I’m a writer, and therefore a drinker – not a nutritionist, or a neek. I just know that it works.

Go to Hart + CO for a hangover brunch

One of my favourite brunch places in all of Leamington. This pink, girlypop paradise is the way to go when you’re craving an American style brunch to get you through your hungover day. They serve the absolute biggest portions in town, with stunning burger dishes, macaroni cheese, hash browns, sausages and bacon etc. If you wake up, aching and breaking from head to toe, this eaterie will definitely fix all your issues. It’s just all-round good vibes here as well – everyone’s really friendly and accommodating so no one feels left out, even if you’re on the brink of collapse and alcohol poisoning.

Cheesy garlic bread and instant noodles before bed

There’s nothing wrong with circling with water – whether it’s with a society or on your own. Circling with water is the real key to staying hydrated – wouldn’t you rather pee a ton than have your head feel like a ton of bricks in the morning? But the best advice is to just down a good amount of water before bed. Grab your water bottle, fill it up to the brim, play Sexy Roman Numerals by yourself and start chugging. And when you think you’ve chugged enough, chug three times the amount that you just chugged. Then, do it all over again. Now you can sleep peacefully (until your bladder starts screaming).

Baywatch? No, it’s time to watch your limit

As if the sight of Baywatch and the mustiest, dustiest guys taking off their shirts wasn’t vomit-inducing enough, you now have to deal with keeping your Purple-coloured dinner inside your system. Post-circle vibes are… blurry to say the least. It’s a real battle here. So, the foolproof way to prevent a sticky hangover is to, well, stop drinking. More specifically, stop drinking by midnight, or when it’s time for Baywatch. That way, you won’t go over your limit. Set this as a rule and suddenly you won’t be at death’s door in the morning anymore.

Utilise the Pop bathrooms (last resort only)

Last but not least, a method to stop your head from exploding in the morning is to simply listen to your body and throw up (if need be). Your body knows best – so utilise the Pop bathrooms if you have to. Who would’ve thought that Pop bathrooms are for more than just getting with people inside them? That being said, please don’t force yourself to throw up unless your body is genuinely on the brink of puking anyway. Be careful, seriously. After, you will feel a lot better now that your body has gotten rid of all that alcohol. Good luck guys.

Always seek professional medical advice from your GP.

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