Here’s which Harry Styles song your first year Exeter Uni hall is, based on vibes

We ALL walk a Fine Line with Birks

Harry Styles – the man, the myth, the legend. He gives off summery vibes for me which I guess matches Exeter’s beachy energy. But today we pay attention to what vibes Exeter Uni’s accommodations give off and I will be matching them to the songs I feel appropriately match these vibes as a seasoned Harry Styles fan. Will it be what you expect? Will it be your favourite Harry song? Will you even know the song? Most importantly, will it lead you into a conspiracy theory deep dive into the deeper meaning of Meet Me In The Hallway? Who knows! But read along to find out. Here’s the verdict I reached after reviewing Mr Styles’ discography.

Birks Grange – Fine Line

As a previous Birks resident this sums up everyone’s relationship with Birks to the T. Birks is sociable and fun. It combines catered, self-catered flats, and studios and we also have our own Marketplace. Personally, I believe Birks is a masterpiece, similar to Fine Line. We love Birks but what we hate is Cardiac Hill. The endless breathless mornings, showing up drenched in sweat looking like a massive tomato to lectures. It just sums up the love/hate relationship Harry describes perfectly.

Lafrowda – Sign of the Times

Lafrowda is arguably the most famous of all Exeter halls. The benchmark maybe. It is the most established of all Exeter halls. It’s the halls that are in the centre of campus and hence centre of all DRAMA. Sign of the Times defines Harry’s career, his first single, and first big hit. It is only fitting this song best describes Laf.

Old Lafrowda – Treat People With Kindness

This one is self-explanatory. Old Laf residents just keep asking for kindness in life but never receive it. Old Laf gives off grubby and ratty vibes. They claim it isn’t all bad but WHO puts Old Laf on their accommodation list? They will always be begging for kindness but they probs won’t ever get it. Treat People With Kindness is just a reminder to give Old Laf friends a hug (that is if you choose to associate yourself with them).

Holland Hall – Love Of My Life

People who lived/live in Holland will definitely never shut up about it. They will reminisce on their time there for many years and tell their children stories from dinners to parties on balconies overlooking Exe Valley. Cor, must be nice! We all secretly wish we lived in Holland. It’s the fanciest and most posh accommodation. The line:  “It is not what I wanted to leave you behind” is so true of Holland people when they have to move out. Those lucky enough to have resided there will see Holland as the love of their life.

East Park – Watermelon Sugar

Everyone knows it well. It is a party song to suit the most new, young, and lively halls. East Park serves fun and happy vibes and it also SCREAMS summer to me. It is grand and big, just like Watermelon Sugar. East Park residents can be described as cheeky and promiscuous like the song. No other hall serves Watermelon Sugar quite like East Park.

Duryard – Keep Driving