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11 unavoidable conversations in your Manchester house group-chat

I have definitely been the target of some of these messages before

We all love our flatmates, however, living with your friends can sometimes be an…interesting experience. Living with people can show you their true colours- whether they are good or bad. There are some conversations and scenarios which are completely unavoidable, awkward and, all too common in your house group chat, so I have complied some of my favourites to show you what you are in for.

  1. Drunken photos

Taken during pre drinks or on a night out, these will be treasured for years to come, and laughed at when you grow out of that phase or dodgy fringe you had in first year. They will also be brought up non-stop at every available opportunity, especially your birthday- perfect to embarrass you.

One reoccuring one of mine is this 0.5 where everyone thinks I look like a hamster. I still haven’t beaten the allegation!

      2. Freshers content years later

I guarantee it will be proceeded with “omg I remember this.” These funny pictures and videos taken while you were just a silly fresh- that you didn’t realise would haunt you. This will spark everyone’s nostalgia so prepare for this to be followed by an hour or so of  “We were so small” and “I miss being able to drink like that.”

      3. Take the bins out!!!

This is a message to people who fill the bin up and then don’t take it out or  those who miss bin day, even though it is only once a fortnight and the house is now gonna smell horrendous. 

       4. Who left the kitchen a mess?

This is probably sent in response to someone leaving food all over the kitchen counters, or there will be mysterious sauce everywhere. 

        5. Anything bathroom related

This might mean that the toilet hasn’t been flushed or because people have left water all over the floor when showering. Given the state of our bathrooms and their leaks, this is definitely a popular pick!

         6. When are we pre-ing?

This will be sent around 4pm on a Friday before you’ve even arrived back from uni, probably because the craving for a night out has suddenly hit.

           7. Photos of various picture and poster walls around your house

These were probably comprised of posters stolen from around Manchester and artfully poised around your house. This will be the pride and joy of your flat and extra points if there is also a pulls vs chunder chart somewhere in there!

            8. Does anyone need anything from the shop?

This will generally be sent in when people are going to Asda or Aldi and said for the sake of decorum. They don’t want you to say yes to this! They just want to gauge how much alcohol to buy, get your own folks!

              9. Take your laundry out

This is especially prevalent in our house with 2 washers/driers between 10 of us, but its always inconvenient when someone leaves their laundry in the machine first thing in the morning and doesn’t collect it until they’re done with uni for the day.

               10. Anyone want to go get food?

This is generally posted the morning after a night out, this is despite the massive pizza co you probably had only a few hours ago on the way back from the club, but you’re not complaining because who doesn’t love brunch at Federal??

                 11. Food

Whatever horrendous and borderline inedible food people have made, being shared to the shame of the maker. Some of us just aren’t culinarily inclined okay!