Here’s which niche Exeter society you should join based on your degree

If you study international relations, why are you not in Eurovision Society?

After this year’s Welcome Week (which still feels weird adjusting to, since Exeter has renamed Freshers’ Week to include all of us old non-freshers), we’re recommending which societies and clubs you should join based on your degree subject. Societies are a great way to get involved and make friends but, with Exeter hosting over 300 different societies and clubs, it can be overwhelming trying to choose just a few. We’re here to help with that decision and make life a bit easier – you’re ever so welcome. So, here is which niche society you should join based on your degree.

Maths: Debating society

Maths students love to talk about how their subject is great because you’re either right or wrong – there’s no in between. If you’re a maths student who is feeling overwhelmed by the binaries of correct and incorrect, consider joining Debating Society to get out of your comfort zone and experience a situation with no set correct answer.

Economics or accounting: Dodgeball club

All I’m saying is it’s good practice for dodging taxes. To get in the swing of it, dodge some balls with the University of Exeter Dodgeball Club.

Engineering: Breakdancing Society

Stop worrying about critical infrastructure breaking and, instead, start breaking it down with some sick moves at Breakdancing Society. It’s definitely an outlet.

Philosophy: Lego Society

In philosophy essays, it’s notoriously difficult to build an argument. So, why not build some Lego instead to alleviate the pressure of never being able to answer some of life’s biggest philosophical questions?

International relations: Eurovision society

Honestly one of the biggest ways we relate internationally is through Eurovision. As someone who knows nothing about international relations, I just feel like this is right. It’s a case study. International relationships in the form of entertaining musical TV.

PPE: Triathlon Club

Since you love doing things in threes, why not try the Triathlon Club and keep fit while you multitask?

Medicine: Disney society

You’re doing a really stressful and long degree. Plus, you have the added pressure of saving actual lives. If anyone needs a break and a little bit of Disney, it’s you. Free yourselves from worrying about the logistics of CPR for a while and let true love’s kiss work its magic.

Biosciences: Ultimate Frisbee Club

Instead of examining things up close in detail, you might find it cathartic to throw things far away from you – like your work or a plastic disc.

Business: Surf Club

Instead of riding the turbulent waves of capitalism, why not ride some actual waves with the Exeter University Surf Club? Leave your shiny business school realm for a while and breathe some sea air, because there’s more to life than the corporations.

Physics: Out of Doors society

Do I need to explain this one?

Computer science: Adventure Society

Wouldn’t it be great to step away from your screen, leave programming languages behind and breathe some fresh air? Consider Adventure Society, because there’s more to uni than ones and zeroes.

Law: Hide and Seek Society

If you’re a law student, you’re doing a famously difficult degree. In Hide and Seek Society, you can hide from all your problems and long documents and assignments and lectures and the pressure of actually helping people in the future.

Liberal Arts: Powerlifting Club

If you can manage to carry the weight of studying multiple subjects in one degree, why not consider powerlifting? Because that’s a lot of weight. I hope you guys are okay.

Psychology and biology: Yoga Society

Stop analysing the brain and the body for a while and just let it do its thing. Chill out. You definitely need the zen vibes.

Politics: Rifle Club

The news is infuriating enough, so actually studying the dire political state of the world is sure to give you some pent up anger. For any politics students who are feeling angry with the world, why not consider Rifle Club? Fire some guns (safely). Let it all out. It’s okay.

Geography: Toucan Appreciation Society

To be honest, I feel like you unofficial Attenborough fan club members would love this one. I didn’t know this society existed but, now I do, suddenly I love this university more.

Drama: Real Estate Society

Take a break from pretending to be other people and start confronting your own futures by figuring out how you’re going to navigate the terrible property market in Real Estate Society. It might open your eyes to some new discoveries.

English: Exepresso Coffee society

Because how else are you going to write those long essays and read two novels each week? Exepresso Coffee Society could help you get through those long hours of content (and stay awake during your all nighters)!

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