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MAFS UK Adrienne

MAFS UK intruder Adrienne calls out the cast for being ‘cliquey’ and acting ‘over the top’

She had to be reminded by producers that she was filming a reality TV show

MAFS UK intruder Adrienne walked down the aisle to marry her new husband Matt this week, in what she described as an “unbelievable experience.” Adrienne also opened up about being a late-comer to MAFS UK  and how she found it hard to make friends with the rest of the “cliquey” cast.

She described how whilst she and Matt “didn’t feel like strangers,” she was “more nervous” about meeting the rest of the cast than she was about actually getting married.

“They’ve all got their own cliques and we’re playing catch-up. I’m not used to that,” she said.

“Everyone has their own personalities, and there are people of different classes, too. I’ve not been brought up with a silver spoon, so something that would bother other people wouldn’t faze me.

“Some people are theatrical and over the top. I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Is that a real reaction or a camera reaction?’ I’ve never done TV before and others have.”

Adrienne added that MAFS UK was her first experience on TV – and she often had to be reminded by producers that they were filming a reality show.

“Right from when I met Matt, we didn’t feel like strangers,” she said. “We forgot the cameras were even there at one point at the top table, we were having such a laugh. We had to be reminded, ‘Guys, this is TV.’ We were just having a general chit-chat!”

Adrienne and Matt aren’t the only couples arriving this week as Sean and Mark are entering as the only all-male pair to feature in this series.

The four intruders will complete the MAFS UK line-up of a dozen couples, although last week saw two of the original pairings leave the experiment.

Brad Skelly and Shona Manderson were asked to leave MAFS UK by the experts after they highlighted Brad’s controlling behaviour towards Shona.

MAFS UK 2023 continues tonight on E4. For more on Adrienne from MAFS UK and for all the memes and gossip, like The Holy Church of MAFS on Facebook.

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