The top 10 Halloween costumes you’ll definitely see in Lincoln this year

Lincoln won’t be full of basic costumes this year if our predictions are right.

With Halloween fast approaching, the mad rush of trying to find the perfect Halloween costume begins. While some of you may have had this year’s costume planned since last Halloween, many of us like to leave it to the last minute for a real fright. There will be a range of parties, club nights and events across Lincoln this Halloween so it’s best to come prepared with at least two costume ideas to celebrate.

So, whether you’re in need of some inspiration or looking for a unique costume and need to know which ones to avoid, here are some of the costumes you can expect to see floating about Lincoln this year.


I’m sure this will come as no surprise, but Barbieland will certainly be taking over Lincoln this year. Arguably one of the biggest movies of 2023, there are no shortage of Barbie themed costume ideas for both women and men. So, whether you’ll be dressing up as Cowgirl Barbie or Mojo Dojo Ken, a Barbie movie inspired costume is bound to turn some heads. This also makes for an amazing couples costume but boys, even if you haven’t found your Barbie dream girl, remember you are Kenough!


Another big movie that hit cinema screens in 2023, Oppenheimer is an easy costume for any Lincoln lads who still don’t know what they want to wear. Although the look alone isn’t very distinctive, if you see a man in a suit stood next to Einstein this Halloween, it won’t be hard to guess what costume they’ve gone for.

Taylor Swift

With the success of the Era’s Tour this year, don’t be surprised to see a lot of Swifties dressed up as their favourite era this Halloween. With many iconic Taylor Swift looks to choose from, we’ll be sure to see either outfits from the tour itself or tributes to a specific album. Just make sure it’s Taylor’s Version or else the Swifties might be the scariest thing you see all night.


Yet again another amazing group costume, Lincoln should expect to see Mario and his crew dominating the dance floor this Halloween. Whether just you and your bestie are going as Mario and Luigi or you want to get your entire house/flat involved, this pop culture inspired costume will certainly be popular. Just please don’t drink and Mario Kart.


You’ve heard it here first; bedbugs are coming to Lincoln! Well hopefully not but, it won’t come as a shock to see groups of students dressed as bedbugs roaming the High Street on Halloween night. It’ll also make for one hell of a group photo so, try not to panic when you open your Instagram on November 1st.

Wednesday Addams

Talking about dominating the dance floor, if there aren’t at least three Wednesday Addams recreating her iconic dance routine, then next year’s Halloween will be cancelled. While the Addams family have been a staple Halloween costume since the original television series in 1964, the new Netflix series Wednesday is likely to have inspired more people to dress up as different Addams family members, especially fans of the lead actress Jenna Ortega.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

With the movies release date just one week before Halloween, hopefully fans of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise won’t want to miss the opportunity to dress up as their favourite animatronic. If so, this will definitely be one of the scarier costumes spotted on the High Street.

The Little Mermaid

Ready to become a part of Ariel’s world this Halloween? With the release of the live action The Little Mermaid earlier this year, don’t be surprised if you run into Ariel out of water. Because of this, we may also see a range of other Disney princesses out and about with Ariel. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?

Maverick from Top Gun 

An easy costume for any Top Gun fans out there, you’re bound to see plenty of lads dressed up in pilot costumes this Halloween. Although you might not actually be Tom Cruise, this costume will certainly be the talk of the city.


Last but definitely not least, we’re hoping to see some recreations of the University of Lincoln’s very own Swanny. You may not be able to beat the original, but you’ll get bonus points for creativity and arguably have the best Halloween costume in Lincoln. Just please don’t end your night in the Brayford with the other swans because it won’t end well for you.

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