Here’s which Exeter University study space you are, based on your degree

Still no guarantee you’ll find a seat anywhere though – peak x

Ah, the University of Exeter study spaces. Ideal for a bit of focus, a nap, or a 2am Domino’s order. When we’re not busy traipsing around on a fourth circuit of campus attempting to find a suitable seat (preferably with a working socket), Exeter’s study spaces are perfect for those of us who shiver at the thought of cracking on with an essay at home. Whether you’re an enjoyer of the depths of the Law Library, or perhaps prefer to sip coffee in the silence of the solitary Loft, there certainly are a variety of spaces to pick from — but, oh, how to choose? Fear not, for today we’re deciding which study space you are, based on your degree. Pens at the ready!

The Law Library: Psychology

The home of procrastination — some say it’s more of a social space than the Ram. Not unlike the average psychology assignment, no real work is actually achieved here (unless maybe in exam season). If that deadline is still over two days away, pop down to the basement best known for its big groupwork-friendly tables and for flooding at inconvenient times. Plus, those gaping windows provide a gorgeous view of the sun rising — perfect for those of us who are still rotting away at 7am because we, too, spent too much time scrolling TikTok videos, as opposed to essay pages. How about you psychoanalyse that.

Forum Library (top floor and silent study rooms): Law

The top floor of the library and its various silent study rooms exist in a sort of separate dimension compared to its more friendly bottom floor. Much like a law student, in here you’ll waste away with zero idea (or care) for the time of day, thanks to that endless stack of reading due for tomorrow and the general lack of windows — unless of course you’re braving the freezing temperature of the study rooms, and glimpsing the night sky through their slithers of single glazed glass. Enticing.

The Sanctuary: Geography

With its massive tables perfect for debating mundane subjects (such as which rock looks the coolest), The Sanctuary is a popular study space for those of us looking to study collectively. Albeit a space which is rarely physically filled up — one person to an eight seater isn’t an uncommon sight. Lonely solo study is nothing to make fun of though; just don’t remind the geography guys and gals that The Sanctuary is used for the occasional exam (ie actual work), or it’ll scare them half to death. Speaking of independent study…

The Loft: Maths/Physics/Biochemistry etc

Oh, it’s seclusion and sorrow you wanted? Both The Loft and a physics degree will give you that. Tucked away above The Sanctuary, The Loft comes complete with those otherworldly-looking solo study pods, and a silence heavier than the vast emptiness of space itself. But, if it’s a space you’re looking for, be prepared to get to The Loft at the break of dawn, because you’re not the only one searching for that sweet, productivity-enhancing atmosphere.

Devonshire House: Business

Contrary to its neighbour The Loft, recently refurbed Dev House doubles as a solid social space too — perfect for those of us who like to act as if we’re studying for a real degree. Actually working here may require a bit of willpower, especially when the £2 meal queue is filling up every bit of floorspace. There’s also a very-real threat of the Guild’s marketing team popping down from the top floor and thrusting a camera and microphone in your face. But hey, at least Dev House boasts a plethora of board games (and free condoms) for when studying for longer than five minutes becomes unbearable.

The Ram: Drama

Just like a drama student will insist about the career prospects of their degree, studying in the Ram is no joke. Often every seat in the library really is full, and you’re forced to grin and bear the price of one latte in order to firmly plant yourself down, books at the ready. Not unlike graduating with a drama degree, the Ram as a study space may not be too healthy for the wallet — but hey, at least lunch (and dinner) is sorted. And how on earth did that pint get there? Slay, I guess.

Peter Chalk cafe/Queen’s cafe/La Touché cafe: English

Where else would you attempt to tackle the three novels you’ve been assigned to read for this week? Similar in nature to our fellow arts students over in The Ram, these three cafes also put the “social” into “studying” (but with a little less booze). Ideal for those of us who simply adore the prospect of graduating with both a degree in something almost-entirely-useless, and a caffeine addiction.

Cross Keys: Medicine

Call it a cop-out pick, but we’re certain you wouldn’t catch anyone daring to traverse to the distant St Luke’s study haven that is Cross Keys, unless they’re hauling a mountain of medicine text books along with them. Great if you’re looking to nab yourself a potential medicine-inclined future hubby or wife though — just don’t tell them you study sociology and it’ll all go as smoothly as your 45 minute walk back to Streatham.

Study at home: Politics, Philosophy and Economics

No one wants to see you guys anyway.

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