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Fancy something different? These are the top 10 spookiest places Durham students can visit

Ghouls just wanna have fun x

A few weeks ago I went on one of Durham’s eeriest ghost walks. Fully equipped with a ghost detector, we stumbled along the streets of Durham and the creepiest crevices of the city.

If you are interested in ghost hunting this halloween season, or just for catching those spooky vibes, here are Top 10 places to test your mettle!

1. The Cathedral

At the top of our list we have Durham Cathedral. Ever the foreboding presence, taking a walk through its passageways at night is a sure way to satisfy your hunt for fear. At this point in the ghost walk the detector was going crazy, and the shadows that appear out of the gloom will make you feel like you’re not really alone…

2. Jimmy’s

Jimmy Allens is not just the venue where nights out go scarily wrong but it’s also the site of ghostly horrors! Walk down the steps of Elvet Bridge to the smoking area and you’ll find yourself amidst some of the most gruesome parts of Durham’s history.

Many, many, many years ago Jimmy’s was once a dungeon – if you go before the crowds hit the clubbing scene, you are sure to feel the chilling atmosphere where echoes of the past are inescapable. You may even be able to venture as far back on the dance floor as to find its eerie morgue. There is also a secret tunnel that runs from inside Jimmy’s all the way to Market Square!


3. Drury Lane

From Jimmy’s you can then venture towards Drury Lane. This narrow, winding path seems to be never-ending (and not just because it’s all uphill)

Make sure you grab your torch as you’ll be surrounded by darkness, and beware of the uneven cobbled steps – you don’t want something to trip you up!

4. The Dun Cow pub

Known as one of the most haunted pubs in Durham, this is certainly a place to check out! Numerous ghost sightings have been reported here so be on guard.

But, if this doesn’t take your fancy, then you can always enjoy a drink in the ghostly tavern…

5. The Old Corn Mill

Sat by the river, this abandoned mill stands in stark contrast to its idyllic surroundings. This haunted site, where some would say the presence of its ghost is still felt, definitely deserves its status as one of Durham’s spookiest landmarks.

6. Saddler Street

Take a walk along Saddler Street, and you will come across a blue door. If you peek inside, or even if you’re brave enough to enter, you will see (slightly unglamorously may I add) student bins nestled next to an old staircase. This leads to one of the castle’s old jails. Enter if you dare…

7. Prebends Bridge

This is a good place to go ghost hunting or alternatively to see the occasional silly fresh causing chaos on the Bailey after a night out – two equally scary prospects.

Reader discretion advised.

8. Elvet Waterside abandoned building

Let your imagination conjure up the spookiness when you see its boarded up windows and its numerous “caution” signs.

9. The cemeteries

Pretty self-explanatory really – who wouldn’t find this unsettling?

10. The Billy B at night

I’m sure being at the Billy B at night already strikes fear in many a Durham student –  but if the looming deadlines aren’t scary enough, leaving the library in the dead of night will herald this the least of your concerns. When the fog rolls in there is a certain eeriness that can’t be ignored.