Three coffee shops in Lincoln you absolutely must visit between lectures this autumn

Looking to spice your study breaks up this semester?

As the new semester gets into full swing, it’s time to start planning for little breaks in between study sessions. Starbucks, Costa and Caffé Nero are all popular choices but here are three more underrated coffee shops around Lincoln that can’t be passed up. With cosy atmosphere’s, comfortable seating and of course, pumpkin spice, it’s essential to visit these places sooner rather than later. Here are three underrated coffee shops to give a try.

Coffee Depot

First up, Coffee Depot! With its brick walls and comfy chairs there is a certain rustic feel to this small coffee shop which only heightens the autumn vibes at this time of year.  Located on Carholme Road, Coffee Depot is less than a 10 minute walk away from the University Campus and has been open since April 2022. With two seasonal menus (one for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter), as well as specials, there’s always a wide range to choose from.

A personal favourite was the Pistachio White Hot Chocolate, currently on the seasonal menu. I spoke to Coffee Depot to find out their favourites and what they would recommend recommendations.

“I honestly have too many favourites to choose just one, but my top three would be  white chocolate mocha with Biscoff spread, the sea salt maple oat flat white currently on our seasonal menu, and then our Spanish latte (a latte with condensed milk to make it sweet) and our cakes regularly change, however the brownies and blondies are so rich and fudgey so whatever flavour we have in, they’re always so good!”

Coffee Depot offers both seating and takeaway to fit easily into your schedule. Plus, you may even get a little Halloween doodle on your takeaway coffee cup!

The Moonraker Floating Tearoom

Next up is the Moonraker Floating Tearoom. With a cosy atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to retreat to after a long day of lectures or shelter from the cold autumn wind. As the name may suggest, this is not your average coffee shop. No, this coffee shop is on a narrowboat! Now found on the River Whitham outside the Waterside Shopping Centre, The Moonraker Floating Tearoom got its name from a local legend in Slaithwaite, a small village near Huddersfield, where it’s originally from.

According to the legend, smugglers were trying to fish out barrels of alcohol from the canal using rakes and hooks. A police officer came along and asked them what they were doing and, not wanting to get caught, the smugglers replied: “The moon has fallen into the canal. We are trying to get it out!”. For some reason, the police officer believed them and went on his way. The village celebrates the legend with a festival and, although the boat is no longer there, it has kept the name.

The tearoom operates on a small menu but there is something for everyone to enjoy. Entering the boat is like stepping into another world.  Just watch your head on the entrance!

200 Degrees

And last but not least, 200 Degrees. The smell of coffee hits as soon as you get close. With low lighting and plenty of tables to choose from, duck into 200 Degrees to hide from the rain – with the added bonus of coffee.

200 Degrees can be found in the Cultural Quarter on Sincil Street. Open every day from as early as 8:30am until 6pm, 200 Degrees is a great study spot for those all day cram sessions.

With the app, students can claim their first drink for free. Then, you can use the app to collect stamps and once nine stamps have been collected, you can claim a free drink! What more could you ask for?