Clubbers of the Week: Shitting bricks in Week Six

Not even Babet can keep these clubbers off the dance floor

Welcome back to another Clubbers of the Week! Despite Storm Babet, these brave clubbers have ventured out through wind and rain to Cowgate and beyond in the name of a good time. Although Halloween celebrations don’t start until next weekend, from frat boys to rockstars to Airbenders – we’ve already seen it all this week. To get a taste of what these clubbers have in store for their real Halloween costumes, check out more below!

Stunner of the Week


Most gorgeous smiles award goes to…

Runners Up

Prettiest trio

Kiss Kiss

Too cool for a smile at the camera

These girls NEED to let us know where their tops are from

Camera ready moment


Creeper of the Week


When the photographer refuses to take your photo…

Runners Up

The creeper’s giving more than the other two

Caught in a moment of chaos

Hero of the Week


Our hero for playing the best songs on Cowgate <3

Runners Up

Sharing the love

Main character energy

Heroine of the Week


Gorgeous gorgeous girls support Breast Cancer Awareness

Runners Up

Rock on!

She’s as cold as your ex’s heart

The only frat boys I’d trust with my drink

WTF Moment of the Week


You couldn’t waterboard this out of me

Runners Up

*Tickle tickle*

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


When you look over and see your mate getting with the person you told them you fancy

Runners Up

Just go home at this point

Best of the Rest

Post-soiree Cheese moment

The Last Airbender spotted in Subway

4 girls, no bitches

East High Wildcats

Happy birthday queen

Taking us back to circa 2016

Photographer Credits:

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Moh Mandhyan: Big Cheese

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